If you were like me and made the silly mistake of uninstalling bloatware on your original ROM without realizing it would affect OTA updates, you are NOT ALONE. If you were like others and you preinstall folder is the error, read this too! Just getting some random error? Try it anyway.

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I made the same mistake, and I will tell you my story and maybe it will help you with your problem.Refer to the installation guide for keeping your root found here:http://www.droidrzr....912verizonenus/Rumors that I found were NOT true (in my case):SafeStrap must be disabledI was screwed and should just return my phoneI first read issues about a pre-install folder, so I found a nice member that uploaded his preinstall folder that will work if you use RootExplorer and replace the original preinstall you have (make sure you clear your folder of everything first) and install his preinstall folder.Link to preinstall folder I used:http://min.us/luvOq7eSyK4Hd (Taken from http://forum.xda-dev....php?p=20612911)If your OTA still is giving you an error with something along of the lines of app_check_fail and giving you a blur_linkedin.apk (for example) then continue reading this guide.You may have gotten an error similar to mine:Verifying current system...assert failed: apply_patch_check("/system/app/blur_linkedin.apk", "14edad57cef3b955a15ff5c3a0d6e519f3949dbc", "ad9896a7e8589427d5073babccbe6513cfc79773")E:Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip(Status 7)Installation aborted.I solved this by using RootExplorer, going into /system/apps/ and pasting in everything I got from a folder I downloaded of a pre-OTA Droid RAZR that contains all of the bloatware you may or may not have removed. Just replace everything in your /system/apps/ folder with this. Don"t clear it out before like the preinstall, just copy, paste, replace.Link to backup I used:http://bit.ly/vwkbDw (from http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1406550).All of these finally solved my error and I was able to upgrade from .744 to .748 using the official OTA on my original rom. I re-rooted using the VooDoo RootKeeper app from the market, reinstalled RazrSafeStrap.apk (found here:http://www.droidrzr....tems-on-1-razr/), then had to restore system using the SafeStrap menu to ensure my enabled Safe System ROM ran again.If anyone is still having issues please reply to this thread with the EXACT error the install is giving you, tell us whether you are using SafeStrap, what kind of OTA (forced or regular), and any other details we could find helpful. I struggled with this for a while and I worked hard to gather all this information. Keep diggin!EDIT: If for whatever reason this didn"t work for you... try looking on other forums. This was quite helpful to me and the DroidRzr website is very supportive. Don"t give up!

This will be good to keep for future help for many! Thanks! Good write up.

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Issues With Copying Over .apk"s To /system/app Directory
I"m rooted; did not uninstall any system authenticators or files; and only froze my apps. I"m having trouble with the .748 ota update as well. So when I found this guide followed the instructions thoroughly. I replaced my deleted .apk"s (DLNA, GuidedTours, and BooksPhone) by copying them from /system/sdcard to /system/app. I selected to have my files replaced with the copy. Now I am receiving a force close error for every copied over program. When I copied the missing .apk"s to my /system/app directory from my /mnt/sdcard-ext directory I mad sure they had correct permissions set as well. Any insight is appreciated, thank you. I"ll report back when my copy is done.