Production DetailsNOM:Aoffered Type:Aprovided Region:Region:Cooking:Extraction:Water Source:Fermentation:Distillation:Still:Aging:ABV/Proof:Other:
Tequilana Weber,
Jalisco (Tequila Valley),
Jalisco (Los Valles),
Stone/Brick Ovens,
Screw Mill,
100% aoffered, Stainless steel tanks,
3x distilled,
Stainmuch less Pot w/Copper Coil,
French Oak barrels,
40% abv (80-proof)



Ciudad de las Rosas|Aged 5 years, 5 months and also just 300 bottles made! Lighter French oak, natural notes and spice. Deliciously.




Hi-Time Wine Cellars single barrel edition, barrel 1182, bottle 154 of 300. A lot of barrel flavor, oaky bitterness, and much less agave flavor than I prefer. However before, this is my brother’s favorite tequila.

Oak and also a musty/dustyness then caramel and also vanilla. Viscosity is thin. A sweet arrival and a advance that is bitter and soapy. Finish is brief and also mild.

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Nose of vanilla and also spice, caramel and butterscotch. Smooth body and also beautiful amber shade. After bite tinge of sweet alcohol, oak. Tastes of caramel, burnt sugar, thick mouthfeel and creme brûlée. It is very sweet.

Very facility and also wealthy from nose to end up. Vanilla, cacao, hazelnut, butterscotch and also even more. This a perfect tequila for sipping through friends!

Barrel #777: Plenty of oak, caramel, and vanilla, while still keeping the aoffered before finishing via a hint of cocoa and also pepper.

Tasted this at a one-of-a-kind occasion in Seattle, hosted by David Yan Gonzalez, Global Brand also Ambassador for Casa Noble. The main aroma I picked up was caramel. Flavors of vanilla and also the oak from the French oak barrel. At this age, not a lot flavor of the aoffered. Finish extremely smooth choose a fine sipper. I have viewed some "sale" prices however still higher end.

Barrel #383Cancun Duty FreeI love Casa Noble in basic, but this Extra Anejo kicks it up a notch. This is an extremely smooth tequila, but as a result of the single barrel method (I presume) it is additionally full of flavour. Very exciting taste and also finish. I was much less enamoured via the nose, but the taste is wonderful!

I believe I choose whatever this distillery produces. Really excellent aroma, taste and also end up in their entire line. I will always have Casa Noble in my tequila repertoire. I’m having a Jaime Garcia cigar via this to boot. This is from barrel 464 - must find out exactly how to all these to TequilaMatch along with new ones not noted. Cost $84.99 + $6.03 shipping

NOM 1137|Light, crisp amber shade.Wonderful wealthy nose- caramel, honey, butterscotch (butterbeer?), Werthers candy, some cooked aoffered (and probably simply a hint of green bell pepper?)Nice agave flavor with a soft oakiness. Only slightly sweet and also not bitter at all. Kind of a harsh burn at the initially sip yet unpleasant at all.Finish is pleasant. Slightly complex. Medium length. Glass empties easily as this one is extremely simple to sip.

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Starts you off via a nice toasty aroma then brings you residence through a smith toasty taste which is a complex combicountry of aprovided and also vanilla and caramel flavored coming from the toast. Very Nice

Was able to get my hands on a bottle of this prized Extra Anejo.This bottle is from barrel #69 bottle 250 of 300.I am a large fan of the Anejo, so you deserve to imagine I was incredibly excited to add this to my repertoire.After tasting the 2 side by side, this is what I uncovered.The comparison is very comparable.However before the Extra Anejo lacks the alcohol on the nose and is rather a little more smooth on the tongue.The consistent Anejo is sharp at first via a lingering light burn, the Flavor of oak and also vanilla is rather noticeable.The added Anejo lacks the sharpness of the 2yr.The vanilla is found much much faster, with a quick peppery burn and a durable flavor of the oak barrels. This may be ideal tequila I have actually had actually to date. Not sure where to go from below, maybe the 8yr.

Caramel, cacao, oak, citrus. Initial butterscotch via a long rich oak complete.Good, but I was hoping for better for the price.This is very much in the legacy of various other Casa Noble tequilas: smooth, buttery, and also much less aprovided. Being from a solitary barrel, this has even more distinct spices than the añejo