I gain many questions regarding how I usage Jamaican Babsence Castor Oil in my hair regimen! It"s a well-known truth that many kind of either LOVE or h a t e this oil bereason it"s so thick and also has a charred ashy scent - I"m a large fan by the method :)! These unique characteristics, among others, really make this oil stand also out from the remainder. I personally love this oil bereason it serves multiple purposes that I take into consideration valuable and have actually made an impact on my hair throughout my hair journey.

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Just a quick recap - JBCO has actually been in my regiguys since 2009/2010. My stylist introduced it to me and I check out rave reviews on several hair forums back then. I tested this oil out for myself and noticed a far-reaching expansion boost simply by using it to my scalp weekly. I then produced a series of Castor Oil Challenges through thousands of participants in order to attain increased expansion and thickness together! It was a vast success.
Because then, I continued to incorpoprice JBCO into my hair regimen in numerous various methods that have actually truly been helpful in fostering growth while improving the health of my hair. Below is a quick rundown of the 5 Ways I Use Jamaihave the right to Black Castor Oil in My Hair Regimen:
1. Scalp Hair Growth Oil - I apply this oil to my scalp at least 1-2 per week to promote healthy hair expansion. I notice thicker brand-new growth and also more size on relaxer day (or once I flat iron) by repetitively making use of JBCO on a clean scalp. Too, it works so well for my edges!
2. Deep Conditioner Addition - If I notification my hair is very dry and brittle I"ll add 1-2 tsps (along with my 3 penetrating oils - avocacarry out, coconut and also olive oil) to my deep conditioner. JBCO really helps to sregularly my hair and also attract moisture into my strands (acts as a humectant). It works choose a charm!
3. Sealant-I do not perform this regularly, but it works! There"s nothing choose a small JBCO to lock in moisture on your ends as soon as doing a brassist out, twist out or bun. I"ve done this a number of times and I always notice enhanced shine, softness and hydration in my strands. Of course, a tiny goes a lengthy way!
4. Sfrequently New Growth - JBCO functions wonders on my brand-new growth which really helps when extending my relaxers. It softens my kind 4b/c new growth and provides it a nice shine. I area off my hair and use a thin layer to my scalp and new expansion. Oh, I simply love it!
5. Relaxer Touch-up Protection - For years I"ve supplied JBCO as a scalp base before my relaxer touch-ups to prevent burning and/or irritation. This thick oil creates a protective barrier between your hair and also skin from the relaxer. It"s perfect!! I would additionally run some JBCO dvery own the size of my formerly relaxed hair (founding appropriate after the brand-new growth) to proccasion relaxer run-off and overlapping!

Still trying to see if I can use this on my scalp. When I included it alone was a little sticky - possibly I'll mix through one more lighter oil.I love all your details Val!


Hi, I"m Val aka Sunshyne! I’m the founder of Hairlicious Inc. Thank you for visiting. For years I struggresulted in understand also my peaceful hair. I produced this blog to track my journey, collection backs and also progress!Sit earlier and stay a while! Let’s achieve healthier hair together.

Click above ↑ to grab yours & rebuild those damaged disulfide bonds! A tranquil hair fav!!

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