Up to now, no beauty specialists recommend sleeping via false eyelashes on your eyes.

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Especially with sexpedition lashes, strip lashes tfinish to irritate the fragile skin roughly your eyes.

However before, you are still totally asleep with the eyelash extensions, as the expansion of the eyelash extension is to connect it to the lashes (not to the skin).

As for false eyelashes, this is a form of utilizing glue and also sticking straight to the location of ​​your eyelids.

It is not safe to leave it overnight.

And particularly once it concerns sleeping on your stomach, both types of lashes perform not encourage tummy sleep. It is harmful to your lashes and eye location.

If you tfinish to sleep on your stomach, conveniently buy a silk pillow for an extra comfortable sleep.

Besides, silk pillows are a fantastic anti-frizz therapy for your hair!


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False eyelashes you can sleep in?Is there any kind of means to make eyelashes much longer than making use of false lashes?Momi Co., Ltd – Eyelash extensions manufacturer

False eyelashes you have the right to sleep in?

If you are a perboy who wears false eyelashes, have you ever wondered if you can sleep overnight with them?

The straightforward answer is no. Why?

The false eyelashes and eyelash glues deserve to dry, itch, and irritate the skin roughly the eyes.

Most of today’s false eyelash extensions contain formaldehyde, which is recognized to cause conjunctivitis.

In short, false eyelashes are only suitable for you to use throughout the day, at night before going to bed to rerelocate them instantly from your eyes.

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Even makeup too is exceptionally harmful to your face if left overnight.

It is ideal to let your body sleep overnight in a clean state.