You can watch Africa from Malaga. In Benalmadena, for instance, you deserve to take a cable car to around 800 meters up the side of a mountain. With the appropriate weather conditions, you can check out Morocco in Africa.

Some would certainly resort to traveling to Gibraltar to view the coast of Africa.

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The cheaper alternative would be going to Malaga. Local trains from many kind of cities speak in Benalmadena. From here, you can take a cable auto up to the hills and also check out Africa.

Once up, you have the right to watch the shore of Morocco. This, of course, have to be in excellent weather problems.

Also, it would certainly not be simple to view Africa throughout the day.

The appropriate time of the day would be in the beforehand mornings. This is the time as soon as the air is cold and clear. Throughout this time, one deserve to conveniently view Africa.

Visiting an additional continent is an exceptional experience. But what is even more remarkable is seeing an additional continent while in one more. This is prefer seeing Africa from Europe.

You deserve to watch Africa from many vantage points in Europe. This is as lengthy as you continue to be within the Strait of Gibraltar zone. In Europe, these locations are Gibraltar, Tarifa, and also Malaga. There is likewise Algeciras and Marbella.

The Strait of Gibraltar is a channel of water that sepaprices Europe from Africa.

Here, we talk more about seeing Africa from Europe.

For some areas, it would assist if you have actually binoculars. But for many of these in the Strait of Gibraltar, you deserve to watch Africa through your naked eye.

The Distance from Spain

Some parts of Spain are close to Africa.

The shortest of that distance is about 14 kilometers ameans. This is where the Strait of Gibraltar is at its narrowest.

From this part of Spain, one deserve to take a ferry for 35 minutes and also reach Africa.

Suffice to say, once you are in the Strait of Gibraltar, you deserve to see Africa from Europe.

If you place yourself in these components of Europe, you would view Africa well.

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How execute you go to Malaga?

One have the right to reach Malaga by plane or train. Tbelow are flights from New York, Atlanta, or Miami to either Barcelona or Madrid. Trains from these cities travel to Malaga.

Unfortunately, tright here are no airports in Malaga that business airlines from the US.

But worry not because Barcelona and Madrid just train rides amethod.

Flying right into Barcelona/Madrid

When flying into El Prat Airport in Barcelona, one can take a trip from many major American cities.

For example, Delta Airlines travels from New York direct to Barcelona. The same airline likewise travels from Atlanta to this part of Spain. The Atlanta flights, yet, are seasonal.

The level has flights from Boston, New York, and San Francisco to Barcelona. On the other hand also, United Airlines also flies from Newark in New Jersey to El Prat.

The Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas Airport in Madrid likewise solutions flights from the States. New York, Dallas, and Miami all have straight flights from the US to Madrid.

Delta additionally flies from Atlanta and also New York to Madrid.

From either Madrid or Barcelona, one have the right to fly domestically or take the train to Malaga.

Flying right into Malaga

The Airport of Malaga (AGP) sits appropriate smack at the center of Costa del Sol. While the airport services international flights, none are from the US as of this time. Most are from London and various other European nations.

Tbelow are, but, residential flights. Fortunately, tbelow are flights from Madrid or Barcelona to Malaga.

So, you have the right to fly to either Madrid or Barcelona from the US, then off you go to Malaga.

Going to Malaga from Madrid by Train

The fastest from Madrid to Malaga is by taking the AVE high-rate train if you are traveling by train. The travel time takes about 2 hours and a half from Madrid.

Reservation fees can array from 10 Euros to 23 Euros. The price depends on whether you pick a first- or second-class seat. You can either make bookings online or at the train station.

When making appointments digital, visit eurail.com/en/book-bookings.

This is the high-rate train. Other trains are not as fast. They come cheaper, though.

Going to Malaga from Barcelona

Barcelona is a bit much off from Malaga. But some trains travel from here.

Trains from Barcelona to Madrid take about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Tickets would certainly price around 60 to 120 Euros. Boffers from Barcelona to Madrid are cheaper at 30 to 40 Euros.

So, if you are traveling to Malaga using Barcelona, your path have to be Barcelona to Madrid to Malaga.

When flying domestically, various airlines travel from Barcelona to Malaga. When pressed for time, flying from Barcelona must be much faster.

Depfinishing on the airline, airplane fares deserve to be all over from 40 to 110 Euros for a one-way ticket.

Madrid’s airplane tickets might be a little even more expensive. The cheapest starts at 50 Euros or so for a one-method ticket to Malaga.

But no matter the time it takes or the amount you pay, Malaga is beautiful.

Plus, you are in for a great endure of seeing Africa.

What else is tright here to carry out in Malaga?

Malaga has actually most tasks in store for travelers. You can visit basilicas, hike up cliffsides, or visit the Picasso museum. Tbelow are also food markets and wine tasting that will fill your days via fun and excitement.

Malaga is a vigorous city. Set in the shores of the Costa del Sol, it uses travelers a lot of tasks beyond the beach.

It is a port city and also is well known for among the best artists to have ever lived – Pablo Picasso.

When in Malaga, you deserve to discover its lanemethods and also plazas. You deserve to munch on the many type of spices the city has to market. Plus, you can likewise enjoy its many kind of bars and also restaurants all over the city.

There are sanctuaries, museums, and galleries. And ultimately, it likewise has landscapes and gardens that leave one in awe.

So, as soon as in Malaga, what are the ideal tourist spots?

Here are 5 of them.

Cathedral de la Encarnacion de Malaga

The architecture of the cathedral is a mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque layouts.

It used to be a mosque of Aljama. In its ruins, the cathedral was then constructed.

Its building and construction spanned a pair of centuries. It began in the mid-1sixth century till the late 18th century. Despite the years of building, this was never finiburned because of financial constraints.

Even if unfiniburned, the cathedral stays to be one of the a lot of beautiful in the nation.

Hoprovided within the cathedral building is Museo Catedralicio.

The Museo houses some of the greatest works of art and objects regarded faith.

The cathedral is at the Calle Molina Lario in Malaga. It is open on weekdays from 10 AM until 6:45 PM. On Saturdays, the cathedral is open up from 10 AM till 5:30 PM. The cathedral is not open up on Sundays.

Caminito del Rey

If you are up for an adventure, you could also try the King’s Pathmethod. They speak to it the Caminito del Rey. This was as soon as thought about to be one of the most dangerous hikes in the country.

Tbelow are multilayer landscapes that pass through reservoirs and also hills. It goes via gorges and valleys.

This was aobtain opened up in 2015. Since it opened up, you deserve to watch the original trail below as it juts out from the cliff.

This is open up from Tuesdays until Sundays from 9:30 AM till 4:30 PM.

Mercado de la Merced

Sitting appropriate in the center of the square in the old component of Malaga is the Plaza de la Merced. It has cafes and also open spaces. You deserve to discover the Plaza and also bask at all the style in the square.

Walk on to the north part of the Plaza, and you will find the birtharea of a famed artist, Pablo Picasso.

Just a wee off the Plaza de la Merced is the Mercaexecute de la Merced. Here, you will uncover most dining alternatives you will love.

Eat your way via the industry. It has actually fish and also vegetables. It has cured ham and also different forms of cheeses. Plus, tright here are tapas bars to your sophisticated.

You have the right to discover the sector at the Calle Merced. It is open from Mondays till Wednesdays from 7 in the morning until eight at night. On Thursdays, it is open from 7 AM till 1 AM. Fridays and also Saturdays, it opens up from 7 AM until 2 AM. The market does not run on Sundays.

Museo Picasso

Malaga is renowned for its famed artist, Pablo Picasso.

Picasso is among the most well-known artists these days. In honor of their famed artist son, Malaga opened up a museum that display screens his works.

The museum houses even more than 200 pieces of Picasso’s artwork. The pieces day earlier to his childhood until his adult years.

The museum offers its travellers an understanding of Picasso and his works of art. It is airy and also is somepoint you have to not miss as soon as you are in Malaga.

You can discover the museum at the Palacio de Buenavista in Calle San Agustin. It opens every day from 10 AM and also closes at 7 PM.

The Malaga Wines

Malaga is famous for its sweet wines.

When in this tvery own, one can never run out of wine bars and bodegas. It is in these areas that one have the right to taste just the finest wines in the land.

The town’s wine sector goes earlier to 3,000 years prior to. The town has actually always been a wine producer ever before given that.

In Malaga, tbelow is a standard wine bar. It is among the oldest in the tvery own also.

Antigua Casa de Guardia was actually established in the 1840s. From then on, it offered a broad array of wines from its bodega in the nearby hills.

This traditional wine bar is at the Alameda Principal. It is open from Mondays to Thursdays from 10 AM until 10 PM. On Fridays and also Saturdays, it opens up from 10 AM to 10:45 PM.

On Sundays, it opens up from 11 AM and closes at 3 PM.

Which part of Europe has the clearest check out of Africa?

Gibraltar has actually the clearest check out of Africa. When one desires to view Africa from Europe, one has the clearemainder views at the Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar sits in the southern component of Spain. It lies in the seaside parts of Europe and also is just a few miles amethod from Africa.

Gibraltar is a mere 14 miles away from the Afrideserve to continent. Because of this, the area is among the best areas to view Africa from Europe.

Tbelow is one location in Gibraltar you must choose to check out the Afrihave the right to continent clearly. This limestone rock formation is what civilization contact the Rock of Gibraltar. It soars approximately about 1,398 feet.

The Rock of Gibraltar deals with the Strait of Gibraltar. Before landing, this should be the initially that one notices of the country.

Options to go to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar

You can ride a cable automobile or ride a cab. If you so pick, you can also pick to hike to the peak. Tright here are also tour guides who would have the ability to bring you to the summit of the Rock.

A cable auto have the right to take you up to the optimal in 6 minutes. But the various other alternatives provide you via the endure to check out the location.

Cabs, hikes, or tours have the right to provide you via countless stops alengthy the way. There is the Moorish Castle to think of. Plus, there are likewise tunnels from the Second World War.

What is exciting is that along the method, you can likewise drop by the Apes Den. This is where you will certainly uncover the apes.

Once you are on peak of the Rock of Gibraltar, you will certainly have actually the finest views by then. This consists of a see of Africa just a couple of miles away from the region.

You will certainly additionally be seeing the seaside communities of Algeciras and Tarifa in the west. To the north lies Costa del Sol. There is likewise the Sierra Nevada Mountains farther up north.

So, deserve to you check out the coastline of Africa from Europe?

The answer is yes.

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You can be in Malaga or any kind of of the seaside towns in Spain. Or you deserve to likewise be on peak of the Rock of Gibraltar.