If you have actually ever wondered what the deal is through Reddit and also anonymity, then this blog short article could be for you. We will certainly answer 10 inquiries around whether or not Reddit is anonymous, exactly how anonymous it can get, and other details regarded anonymity on Reddit.

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So, is reddit anonymous? No, Reddit is not really anonymous. Sure, you can make an account with a fake name and write-up from the shadows yet all your posts will still be linked to that user profile. In truth, Reddit even has actually banned subreddits for openly discussing anonymity approaches on the site.


On the other hand also, as soon as you develop your account, Reddit will certainly ask for some details but it’s not prefer the site needs all of your personal information. In truth, they only ask for an e-mail attend to and a password to develop the account which is not really anything exclusive or sensitive in any kind of way.

Here are the many commonly asked concerns around being anonymous on Reddit.

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How To Hide Your Reddit History

To hide your Reddit history, you have to delete it. However, this will erase the content inside that threview from ever being watched again (even by you). You can’t simply make points disshow up with a click of a switch prefer on other websites and apps.

Can Others See My Reddit History?

No, others deserve to not watch your Reddit history. However before, when searching via a sub-reddit or any kind of of the neighborhoods on Reddit it’s feasible for anyone to watch anything posted tbelow. So your short articles and also comments will certainly be visible.

Can Others See Your Saved Posts On Reddit?

No, others deserve to not watch your saved articles on Reddit. People will just have the ability to check out what you’ve submitted in the develop of a write-up or comment.

Can Others See Who You Follow On Reddit?

No, others have the right to not view who you follow on Reddit. People will not be able to check out your follow list because it is personal.

Can Others See My Hidden Posts On Reddit?

No, others deserve to not watch your covert articles on Reddit. People will just be able to find out around the write-ups you’ve submitted in the develop of a write-up or comment and this is up for public viewing.

Can Others See What I Upvote On Reddit?

No, others deserve to not see what you upvote on Reddit. People will only have the ability to find out about the short articles and also comments you’ve submitted in the develop of a article or comment and this is up for public viewing.

Can Others See My Communities On Reddit?

Yes, others deserve to see your neighborhoods on Reddit. By default, Reddit mirrors the areas you’re in on your profile web page.

If you want to hide your involvement via particular subreddits (for example, bereason they contain topics/content which might not reflect well on an employer), then it’s feasible to be in communities yet not display them on your profile.

Can Others See Your Email On Reddit?

No, others can not check out your email on Reddit. Your email resolve is never before revearesulted in various other customers in the form of a write-up or comment.

This is a good point because it means no one can deliberately or accidentally sfinish you unwanted emails, and also if your email address does someexactly how gain public (e.g., as the result of data breach), then there’s nothing linking that to your Reddit account.

Can A Reddit Account Be Traced?

Tright here are a variety of reasons why civilization desire to hide their identity online, and in most situations a Reddit account can’t be traced.

If you’re connecting with someone that knows your true name, then it’s possible they can number out that you are also if the communication is over email or via messages on an additional social network like Facebook or Twitter.

This is why making use of the very same login for multiple accounts, especially once it concerns any type of email-based account you have actually that might be linked to a webwebsite or organization via your personal information on it, deserve to lead to unwanted results if they are all hacked at once.

When you usage Reddit and also sign up, you’re asked what username you want to use. You’ll must administer an email attend to when registering, but this is not tied in any type of method to your username or password so it can’t be traced ago unlike various other sites like Facebook and Twitter wbelow they are connected.

Can You Comment Anonymously On Reddit?

Yes, you can comment anonymously on Reddit. The anonymity of Reddit is a major element in its popularity. It has actually links to some other sites favor YouTube, yet Reddit content does not link earlier or determine the user on any type of level.

You deserve to communicate via world without revealing your individual indevelopment and also you’re never forced to verify who you are if your account is much less than 30 days old.

Can You Hide Your Comment History On Reddit?

No, you can’t hide your comment background on Reddit. While tbelow is no way to entirely delete an account, you can pick not to participate in the neighborhood by deleting subobjectives and comments from your profile page.

By deleting submissions, you won’t be able to delete comments that have actually currently been publiburned. You have the right to modify a comment by clicking the dvery own arrow next to it and then removing or modifying message from the box.

If your account is less than 30 days old, just delete any kind of content related to Reddit before making your final decision about whether to delete the account.

The just actual method to be anonymous on Reddit is by deleting your profile, yet you’ll lose every one of your task background and comments that have already been publiburned.

If an old comment or submission has not yet been publiburned or publicly seen, it deserve to still be deleted without being traced ago to you if you delete the account.

Are Awards On Reddit Anonymous?

Awards on Reddit deserve to be anonymous. You deserve to give Reddit awards from your username and also select “Award this anonymously.” You will certainly not be displayed as the perboy who offered that post or comment the Award.

The Best Comment Awards are given anonymously by default—you’ll be shown as the person who awarded that comment without revealing your identity.

If you want to share the reality that you have actually awarded something, then choosing “Award this publicly” will certainly display your username.

You can give awards to write-ups or comments, and you have the right to also award civilization through the “Best Moderator” Award if they’ve been a moderator for at leastern one year.

Are Reports On Reddit Anonymous?

Reports on Reddit deserve to be anonymous or established. If you want to submit a report about one more Redditor, then pick “Report this anonymously” from the drop-dvery own menu and also your name will certainly not show up when that short article goes live.

If you determine yourself as the one reporting it (by making use of your username), then they’ll have the ability to see your identification right away.

This is the ideal way if you want to obtain a conversation going around that particular user, and it also provides them more accountable for their actions on Reddit.

If you don’t recognize yourself when submitting the report, then they’ll be informed but won’t recognize who’s making the complaint. You have the right to constantly modify your post later on and also recognize yourself as the one reporting it.

How To Be Anonymous On Reddit

The finest means to continue to be anonymous on Reddit is to use Disposable accounts or Throwameans accounts. Anonymous accounts are a critical part of the Reddit community, and many kind of teams pick to store their identities concealed for both safety and security factors or simply bereason they don’t want people associating them via somepoint on a public forum.

There are many kind of reasons why individuals involved Reddit and choose not expose their identification. The a lot of common reason is that they desire to safeguard themselves from doxxing bereason anonymity renders it harder for someone to uncover the user’s individual information or contact them in actual life with undesirable attention, dangers of violence, etc.

Anvarious other renowned use for anonymous Reddit accounts is to have the ability to article controversial opinions or thoughts without are afraid of individual effects.

A throwameans account on Reddit is an anonymous user account that deserve to be produced at any type of time.

It’s regularly offered to write-up controversial opinions or thoughts without fear of personal effects, as the user may not care about privacy and protection sufficient to have actually a separate identity from their actual life one.

Throwameans accounts are also renowned with human being who desire to experiment via different opinions without being tied to one.

The content of a throwameans account is commonly short-lived, as it’s created for a specific objective and also then deleted as soon as that goal has actually been met.

A typical usage instance would be someone that desires to article their opinion or thoughts on Reddit however doesn’t desire to perform it under their actual name.

Instead of making use of a throwamethod account, some civilization develop different accounts through pseudonyms or nicknames which they have the right to use for future projects without being tied down to one identity.

An instance would certainly be someone that creates an account referred to as “KiwiRobot92” and also provides that as soon as they desire to short article points anonymously.

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The question of whether or not reddit is anonymous has actually been disputed for years.

Some world think it’s a great location to share your thoughts and ideas without are afraid of judgement, while others feel that tright here are also many kind of trolls who destroy the endure.