I assumed that the things that I read on some webpperiods were simply exaggerations so that in the finish, we would certainly all finish up coloring our hair at a beauty salon.

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But I was wrong.

I was incredibly wrong.

I was wrong, and my hair phelp for the mistake.

Actually, my health and wellness phelp for the mistake.

Do you desire to know if you have the right to color your hair twice on the very same day?

The answer is a resounding


You have to not dye your hair 2 times on the same day!

If you think that it’s pure exaggeration, then permit me to tell you my suffer.

But really read it, clearing your mind and also placing aside the impatience and also the principle that just your fierce will have the right to solve all troubles.

After analysis whatever that I’m going to tell you, you will certainly have actually 2 paths:

Risk living a traumatic endure prefer what I lived when I dyed my hair twice in the very same day Or wait at leastern two weeks to color your hair again.

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If your scalp is sensitive as a result of the abuse of dyes, I recommfinish that you execute this

Why it can be dangerous to dye your hair twice on the very same day


I had brown hair.

I made a decision that it would certainly be an excellent time to lighten my hair a tone or 2 since it was summer.

I would certainly go to the beach for a few days, and I assumed that many thanks to the impacts of the sunlight and the seawater, I would finish up through blonde like a surfer chick.

Such misguided expectations!

Very Good.

I bought a kit, guiding myself through the photo of the model.

I complied with the whole process simply as the sacred instructions sassist.

When I wamelted my hair and dried it with the hairdryer, my nightmare began deep in the night.

My hair looked in various tones.

It was as if someone had actually grabbed a paintbrush-prefer the ones that children usage in high school and had actually painted a few chunks of hair.

When I shook off the shock and that case that leaves you reactionmuch less, petrified like a statue, a lightbulb went off.

I would certainly dye my hair.

I ran to the pharmacy, and I bought one more coloring kit.

This time, I didn’t desire to hazard having lighter tones, so I made a decision to go for chocolate.


Once aobtain, I complied with the instructions that come in the kit.

Even even more so

I carefully read each action 2 times so I wouldn’t mess it up.

Ten minutes. Twenty minutes. Thirty minutes.

I ran to rinse.

My heart was pounding like a runaway steed.

When I dried my hair via the hairdryer, a smile showed up on my challenge.

The shade looked pretty great.

But after two days, I began to alert devastating hair loss.

Not simply when I combed my hair or as soon as I bathed.

Also, I might see a ton of hair on my pillow once I woke up.

After 5 days, once I was already alequipped by the hair loss, I noticed white spots on my scalp.

Oh, my God!

That’s once I really started to panic.

I noticed that my scalp shed all the time.

And the cherry on top, I had a fever.

For moments, I felt feverish.

So, I chose to seek aid.

My aunt is a dermatologist, so I dubbed her and asked if I could visit her bereason somepoint was on my scalp and also it wasn’t going well.

When she checked me over, her challenge made me feel alequipped.

She looked worried.

That’s when she told me.

I had burns on my scalp that had actually affected the hair follicles due to the 2 colorings that I had actually done on the very same day.

That’s what led to the hair loss, irritation to my scalp, and also the white spots on my scalp.

That’s what brought about the fever.

My aunt explained that my scalp was irritated, a product of having exposed it to the chemical products in the dye.

On height of that, I had done it twice in at some point.

That’s too much aggression for the scalp, not simply mine, however for any kind of perboy.

When the scalp is irritated, it gets inflamed because the cells that it’s consisted of of are defending themselves.

You shouldn’t forobtain that the scalp is nopoint even more and nothing much less than skin.

When the scalp gets irritated, the skin becomes finer and also even more fragile, and also that’s why it drops out.

The scalp loses nutrients, which causes the white spots.

The fever was bereason I had actually scratched so a lot that I had injured my scalp, and also some components had end up being infected.

Do you desire to know exactly how I solved this trouble in which I was stuck?

Thanks to the therapy that my aunt recommended to me.

If your scalp is sensitive due to the abusage of dyes, I recommend that you perform this

The excellent news from this story is that I didn’t end up bald.

She prescribed me an antibiotic to fight off the infection in my scalp.

She also made me swear that I would stay amethod from hair dyes for 6 months.

After, she offered me a recipe for a organic, homemade mask to heal my damaged scalp.

Mask to calm scalp irritation


Two tablespoons of honeyOne tablespoon of olive oil½ smaburned avocado

Preparation and also application:

Mix all of the ingredients until you obtain a creamy consistency.

Apply it to the scalp through smooth motions and also let it sit for twenty minutes.

After, rinse with the coldest water you can manage.

Honey is a terrific antiseptic, and also avocaexecute and also olive oil are natural nutrients for repairing the scalp’s dermis.

But there’s more.

3 easy tricks to repair your scalp damaged from hair dye abuse


My aunt also offered me these simple tips and also tricks to store healing my scalp.

Drink most liquids

It doesn’t matter if it is water or herbal juice or smoothies.

The necessary thing is to nourish the organism and also don’t forobtain that the scalp is skin.

Rinse your hair really well eexceptionally time you wash your hair

And if it’s through cold water, also better.

If you rinse your hair well, you remove all the residues that threaten the hair follicles and stop brand-new hair expansion.

Use shampoo for irritated or sensitive scalp

Typically, this kind of shampoo has actually calming ingredients, free of sulfates and parabens through few colorants and fragrances.


If you are thinking about dyeing your hair twice on the same day, don’t make the exact same mistake as me.

Please don’t do it.

I didn’t have anyone who can tell me how bad it would finish up.

But as always, the decision is yours.

One last piece of advice.

If you want to correct anypoint negative that happened through hair dye that you simply used to your hair, consult a colorist first.

This will proccasion you from ending up in a dermatologist’s office.

Today, I acquired back the wellness of my scalp.

But I passist a high price.

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I hope that you don’t commit the exact same mistake that I did.






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