AMERICANS have actually a couple of more hours left to actors their ballots and also vote their following president.

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Here we answer some of the doubts you may have on Election Day.


Voters cast their ballots on Election Day in Midlothian, VirginiaCredit: AP:Associated Press

Can I buy beer on election day?

An age-old legislation bans US citizens from purchasing alcohol on Election Day.

According to WUSA9, the ban was presented because candidays often provided alcohol to guide unmade a decision voters - which George Washington was allegedly guilty of doing.

Maryland also was the very first US state to develop an Election Day alcohol ban in 1811, complied with by a number of other states.

But over the years, numerous states made a decision to repeal the ban.

North Carolina rolled it earlier in June 2014, when politicians made a decision people should be enabled to buy alcohol as soon as aacquire.

To find out if you deserve to buy a beer on Election Day, you have to inspect your regional government's rules.


Voters are spreading their ballots to vote their following presidentCredit: EPA

Am I enabled to vote at a various polling place?

Voters are supposed to actors their ballot at the polling place they have been assigned.

If you relocate residence, you need to update your resolve on your voter registration so you deserve to be assigned a brand-new polling place near your brand-new house. 

If you try to vote somewright here various other than your assigned location, you may have to cast a provisional ballot and also your vote might not be counted.

To discover your polling area and also its hrs, contact your state or territorial election office. 

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Can I carry my children through me when I vote in person?

Yes, you can. Parents are permitted to bring youngsters to the polls in all the US states.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, they may be asked to wear a mask and follow social distancing rules.

Many states do not put a limit on how many type of youngsters parental fees deserve to carry via them.

Other claims, such as Pennsylvania and also Maryland, limit the number of youngsters a parent can lug to simply one or 2.

You should check the rules in your state before heading out to the polls.


Paleas are enabled to carry their kids when they vote in personCredit: Getty Images - Getty

Can I carry a hidden weapon to a polling place?

Five battleground says in the US presidential election have actually no regulations prohibiting world from carrying a concealed weapon to a polling location.

A study by the Coalition to Speak Gun Violence examined polling place legislations in Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Virginia and also Wisconsin.

It uncovered that although these states have actually the power to constitutionally prohilittle firearms at polling places, none have codified it into regulation.

Just six states - Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and also Texas - have laws prohibiting guns at polling places, the study discovered.

Researchers likewise uncovered that neighborhood governments in North Carolina and Virginia have the right to prohilittle bit bringing weapons to polling places.

Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have state legislations that proccasion such local legislations governing tools.

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Can felons vote in the election?

For the first time in decades, throughout the presidential election in 2020 no US state will bar all its citizens through felony convictions from voting. 

In 2016, around 6.1million civilization throughout the USA were not permitted to vote due to a felony conviction.

Four says - Florida, Iowa, Kentucky, and also Virginia - until recently prohibited most or all people with felony convictions from voting.

At this time, 11 states permanently disenfranchise human being with certain disqualifying felony convictions, Firm Insider reports.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice, 15 states reenfranchise citizens upon release from prison, and also 17 claims reenfranchise those that have actually completed the entirety of their sentences - including prison, paduty, and also probation.


Voters cast their ballots in Newport Beach, CaliforniaCredit: Getty Images - Getty

Can I vote if my ID has actually expired?

Voter ID regulations change commonly and also are not the very same across all US claims.

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As of this year, there are 36 says that need some develop of ID on Election Day.