Fallout 4"s Diamond City is a great place to hang out and chill in, but there"s a lot more to it than players first realized


Fallout 4 is full of hidden Easter eggs for players to find, and Diamond City is no different in that regard. The most unique thing about Diamond City is the expansive amount of characters and quests that players can find to complete, and there are bound to be a few hidden things that players missed while exploring the old ballpark settlement.

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This list will cover only the most exciting Easter Eggs and hidden tidbits that were added into the game but rarely completed. Without further ado, here are 10 hidden things that Fallout 4 players completely missed in Diamond City!


The mayor of Diamond City is very annoying, and most players hate him even before they learned that he was an institute spy. It turns out that Mayor Mcdonough is a spy for the Institute, pretending to be the real mayor by wearing his face.

This is revealed after the main quest line is completed. If the player sides with the Institute, then they will reveal it to the player themselves, and if they destroy the Institute then the mayor will have a rebellion in the city. The quest around this occurrence is very interesting, and it"s worth completing for any player that has finished the main quest line already.


During Christmas or Halloween, the Diamond City residents will put up decorations in the market place that represent the respective holiday. This is a nice touch that adds more depth to the world of Fallout 4.

Most players would think that Diamond City wouldn"t celebrate these holidays because of the terrible occurrences in the wasteland. However, it"s happy to see that they still have a tradition to hold on to in their post-apocalyptic world.


Similar to a regular ballpark Diamond City will contain for main bases, and if the player runs all for one after another, then they will unlock the achievement. This is an excellent tidbit that most fans missed while walking the streets of Diamond City, and it"s easy to miss because most players have no idea how to obtain this achievement.

It"s worth getting this achievement because it will only take a few minutes, and it will add a nice trophy or chunk of gamerscore to the player"s expansive collection.


Publick Occurrences will update their newspaper when anything significant happens within the main quest line of Fallout 4. It is also worth noting that Travis, the radio host, will also update his broadcast to include side quests from the player"s exploits if they are completed within the game.

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Both of these add a bunch of depth to the somewhat barren land of the Commonwealth, and they are a nice touch to make the world feel much more alive than it already does.

It is revealed that the plastic surgeon in Diamond City, Doc Crocker, is a murderous psychopath. He was cutting up people"s bodies and trying to hide them at the meat stand because of a mistake he made during a previous plastic surgery.

This terrible doctor should not be going anywhere near anybody"s face, and unfortunately, that is precisely what he was doing before the player ends his reign of terror. Hopefully, the citizens of Diamond City will sleep peacefully knowing that the sadistic murderer is no longer a problem they have to worry about.

If the player walks into the schoolhouse in Diamond City, they will find two teachers, a human and a robot. With a bit of dialogue from the player, the robot and the human will profess their love for each other, and it can either be quite sweet or weird, depending on how the player looks at it. The two will even eventually get married by the Priest in Diamond City.

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This dialogue is easy to completely overlook because most fans never enter the schoolhouse at all. It"s worth talking to the robot or the teacher because they have fascinating dialogue that will make them seem to be two of the funniest characters Fallout 4.

The red seat is one of the best things in the real world version of Fenway Park, and Bethesda decided to include it in Diamond City as well. For those who may not be familiar with it, the red seat serves as a marker that shows how far the longest home run ever hit in the park went.

Fans will find the seat if they go out of bounds and explore in the stadium itself. It"s great to see that it was included in the final product of the game because Easter Eggs like this one keep players hunting for new things to discover. The red seat was one of the best Easter Eggs in Fallout 4 and especially in Diamond City!

The flags in Diamond City will change depending on which faction the player completes the main quest line with during the game. This includes the Institute even though most of the citizens of Diamond City are quite reluctant to trust the shadowy organization.

There are also patrols of the respective faction that will roam the streets of Diamond City once the main quest line is completed. It"s worth noting this because it is very easy to miss for players that stop playing altogether after the main quest line is completed.

The Nick Valentine detective quests take players on a few different adventures where they will get to play detective and solve mysteries. Most players don"t even know that these quests exist because they will require players to speak to Nick Valentine"s assistant again before ever getting access to them.

There are a few rewards, other than just caps that fans will get for completing these quests including a unique radiation-infused Revolutionary Sword. Completing these quests is crucial for any player that wants to become a detective!

The Big Boy is as special Fatman that fans will be able to buy if they talk to Arturo from Diamond City. The unique thing about this Fatman is that it can shoot two mini-nukes instead of just one. The price of this weapon is dependent on the player"s Charisma Stat, among other perks.

This effect even stacks with the experimental mirv modification, and fans will be able to shoot eight many nukes out at once with their Fatman. Players should try to obtain this unique launcher because it is one of the most potent weapons in the entire game, especially for a heavy weapons playthrough.

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