In an area that’s practically as famed for its car society as it is for Hollywood, tbelow has been a large change in exactly how civilization acquire roughly Los Angeles… and also it’s great news for cruise passengers.

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Years ago, you choice to gaining to the port wregarding catch a taxi or schedule a exclusive car. Today you can use a rideshare service, namely, Uber and Lyft.

If you’re not familiar through these companies, the premise is straightforward. Drivers are daily civilization, driving their individual automobiles (cars have to be in excellent condition and also fairly new). Riders usage an application on their smartphone to contact for a ride, make the payment, and price their driver.

Drivers love it bereason it enables them to earn extra cash on their own schedule. Riders love it bereason it is quicker to capture a ride (literally hundreds of vehicle drivers are in LA) and a lot cheaper than a standard cab.

Uber & Lyft Availcapability to the Cruise Port

Both Uber and Lyft are accessible throughout southern California. That implies no issue wright here you are, you can capture a ride.


Estimated Fares to the Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach

So how a lot does it price to take an Uber or Lyft to the Los Angeles cruise ships?

To offer you an principle of exactly how a lot Uber or Lyft would cost, we’ve rounded up some approximated fares in between well-known pickup places and the cruise ports. We’ve likewise compared the fares to the cost of a taxi, based upon searcs from


For those unacquainted, right here is a break down of the different alternatives presented above:

UberX – Base business, moving as much as four passengers in a typical sedanUberXL – Upgraded company, delivering up to six passengers in an SUVLyft – Base service, transferring as much as 4 passengers in a typical sedanLyft Plus – Service moving up to 6 passengers

Keep in mind that the fares provided over are for one auto, not per perchild. Regular Uber and also Lyft are designed for up to four human being, yet remember to take into consideration your luggage as soon as going to the port.

If your entire group can’t fit right into a small four-door sedan, then we suggest ordering an “XL” ride or going through two sepaprice cars. Otherwise you can not all be able to fit.

Catching Uber/Lyft From Los Angeles Airports to the Cruise Ship

Many importantly, Uber and also Lyft operate at all the airports in the area, consisting of Los Angeles Internationwide (LAX), Ontario International Airport (ONT), John Wayne Airport (SNA), Hollyhardwood Burfinancial institution Airport (BUR), and Long Beach Airport (LGB).

Depending on wbelow you fly right into, intend it to take about 30 minutes to over an hour to acquire to the cruise ship from the airport. Below are approximated times for normal traffic.

Ride Times to Port of LA | Port of Long Beach:

Los Angeles Internationwide (LAX): 35 minutes | 40 minutesOntario Internationwide Airport (ONT): 70 minutes | 70 minutesJohn Wayne Airport (SNA): 50 min | 45 minutesHollywood Burbank Airport (BUR): 70 minutes | 70 minutesLong Beach Airport (LBG): 25 min | 20 min

Note on Catching Uber or Lyft From Los Angeles Internationwide (LAX)

While you can catch a ride from all major airports in the location, LAX has actually a little various pick-up procedure than you could be offered to.

Since of the airport’s dimension, congestion is a significant concern. That’s why the airport has actually put in a distinct spot for recording Uber and also Lyft referred to as “LAX-it” (pronounced L-A-Exit). Put sindicate, you’ll catch a shuttle or walk to a specialized lot for ridesharing and taxis.

By relocating the pick-up area for rides to a separate lot, the hope is that it will certainly help to mitigate some of the airport’s notoriously poor traffic. Depfinishing on which terminal you arrive, it deserve to take around 10-15 minutes to take the shuttle or walk to the LAX-it lot.

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