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Colon cancer is the second leading reason of cancer death in the United States, claiming nearly 29,000 men and also womales each year. It is surpassed just by lung cancer. Colon cancer also happens to be among the a lot of avoidable cancers. Studies have actually presented that a colonoscopy have the right to minimize the threat of developing and also dying from colorectal cancer by 90%. A colonscopy have the right to enable a doctor to identify and also remove polyps prior to they even end up being malignant.


David Labowitz, DO, MPH, Gastroenterology at, addresses some of the damaging myths about colonoscopy that discourage many kind of from acquiring this lifesaving procedure when they should:

Myth #1: The “prep work” is devastating. You execute have to empty your colon before a colonoscopy. This is the hardest part of the exam, however the a lot of essential. I always tell patients that without a great prep, it’s prefer driving with fog—you cannot watch where you are going. However, the prep does not have to be a terrible suffer. The day prior to the procedure, you need to sheight eating solid food and also consume only clear liquids; however, you deserve to have even more than simply water. Incorporating variety—tea, Jell-O, sports drinks and also broth—right into your 24-hour clear liquid diet will certainly help make it more bearable.

The the majority of widespread complaint is the volume of colonoscopy prep electrolyte solution that need to be consumed to clear the bowels. To make this less complicated, we actually separation the drinking of the prep right into 2 different time periods (the evening before and a pair of hours before the procedure). This not just is an simpler means for patients to attain the prep, but has been shown in nationwide studies to be a far better method to prep for the procedure. Think about the prep this way: the cleaner your colon, the much faster and simpler the procedure the next day. Unfortunately, if your colon isn’t clear because you have actually fairesulted in drink the solution, polyps and lesions might go undetected or the results can be inconclusive. Additional, the procedure might should be repeated. It’s all around doing it best the initially time.

Myth #2: The procedure is painful. A colonoscopy is a really tolerable procedure. Further, it does not take incredibly lengthy and also a lot of of the moment is completed within 20-30 minutes. Before the procedure begins, you will certainly be provided a sedative to assist you relax. In reality, many patients will sleep through the whole procedure and wake up not remembering any type of of it. Those who remain awake throughout the procedure report nothing more than slight cramping or push in the abdoguys, similar to the feeling of having a bowel movement.

Myth #3: It’s embarrassing. Our gastroenterologists perform over 35,000 GI procedures each year—the majority being colonoscopies—so they have the majority of experience making certain patients are as comfortable through the process as feasible. Patients can likewise make an appointment via their gastroenterologist prior to the procedure to meet face to face and ask any kind of inquiries that will aid them feel even more comfortable.

Myth #4: Tbelow is a high threat of complications. Complications in the time of or after a colonoscopy are very rare. The bottom line is your hazard of occurring colon cancer is far better than your danger of suffering a complication because of a colonoscopy. It is, however, necessary to schedule your colonoscopy through a medical professional who is certified to perform this procedure.

Myth #5: Colonoscopies aren’t necessary for woguys.

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Colorectal cancer affects males and women in virtually equal numbers. It’s not a man’s disease; therefore, screening colonoscopies are for everyone. Women need to schedule their first screening colonoscopy founding at age 50, simply prefer males. More than 90% of colorectal cancer is diagnosed in world who are 50 or older. Those through a family background of the condition and various other hazard factors—a history of inflammatory bowel condition (IBD), history of polyps, type 2 diabetes, weight problems and smoking—can should begin screening early and also undergo screening more regularly. Ask your physician as soon as you must begin screening.