What if, instead of Trump or Biden becoming the following UNITED STATE President, tbelow was a third-party candidate? And that candidate was Elon Musk? What if Elon Musk ended up being the United States president?

What would certainly he perform with all that power? How would certainly it influence area travel? And how could this adjust the United States?

Okay, let’s gain this out of the way. Obviously, Elon Musk can’t end up being president bereason he wasn’t born in the United States, which is one of the primary needs for the task. But let’s assume that the rules are different, and also he could become president. What would take place then?

But initially, why would certainly Elon Musk also desire to run for president? Well, perhaps the service providers that he runs could give us some understanding. Musk is the CEO of both SpaceX and Tesla.

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SpaceX is trying to make area travel a actual opportunity for human beings, and Tesla is trying to make electric cars as renowned as feasible. These companies have 2 things in common.

They aim to aid humanity progress, and also for the people to end up being a far better area. And what much better means to accomplish these goals than to come to be the leader of the a lot of effective country in the world? And if Elon Musk did become president, the United States can end up being also even more effective.

The first point that Musk would try to do as president is to sheight burning fossil fuels. He’s been known to be versus it, calling it the “”dumideal experiment in background.”” So probably with him as president, America would certainly come to be a more environmentally friendly country.

Solar power might end up being even more popular, and also gas and diesel vehicles could progressively be phased out. We likewise understand that Musk is very passionate around clinical research and fabricated knowledge.

With him being President, these areas would certainly gain even more sources and assistance. Government regulations and boards can be set up to overview synthetic intelligence and research. Musk believes that A.I. might be humanity’s the majority of significant danger, so he would want his federal government to closely monitor any developments concerning the innovation.

But that’s what could take place on Planet. Obviously, Musk is passionate about sending people to space, and his firm SpaceX is trying to do just that. But SpaceX wouldn’t be the just agency involved in this venture.

If he were president, Musk would also likely attempt to boost NASA’s budacquire a lot. If effective, Musk would certainly have even more sources than ever to assist mankind land also on and populate Mars.

And this might bring about the United States ultimately terraforming, and also building entire people, on the red planet. And that knows, perhaps rather of being president of a solitary nation, Musk can become the leader of a whole earth.

But that might not happen. Since if Mars did gain to this phase, Musk thinks the ideal create of government for the earth would certainly be a straight democracy. This implies that rather of world voting for representatives, they’d vote directly on problems.

And if it were effective, and also this is something Musk believes in, perhaps the USA would certainly become a direct democracy government. If Musk served 2 terms as president, who knows exactly wbelow the nation would be. But there’s a good opportunity it would be cleaner, more technologically advanced, and also it’s likely we’d have actually came down on Mars.

Sure we may not have actually completely populated it yet, however via Musk as president, it’s nearly particular the United States would be well on their means. Now, obviously, none of this is guaranteed to happen.

Even if Musk was collection on accomplishing all these objectives, there’s still many red tape as soon as it comes to federal government. The president doesn’t have the power to do whatever before they want. Sure Elon Musk would certainly have the majority of affect and also decision-making power through how the nation is run, but he more than likely wouldn’t acquire to carry out whatever he wanted to.

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