Star Wars: Why Sith Only Use Red Lightsabers, But Jedi Can Wield Blue, Eco-friendly & More In Star Wars, Jedi have the right to wield various colored chisels, but why perform the Sith just usage red?

Lightsabers come in a range of colors, yet the Sith are well known for specifically utilizing the red variants of the weapon. Star Wars canon and also Star Wars Legends both provide various explanations regarding the Sith"s use of red blades and lightsaber colors in general. Let"s break dvery own the definition behind these various weapons and why the Sith stick through their signature color.

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Kyber crystals are the primary power source for lightsabers in both canon and Legends. In canon, younglings mine for kyber crystals in the Crystal Cave of Ilum, which is a vital part of the Jedi heritage. These crystals are usually colormuch less till they bond with a Jedi over the force, through many ending up blue or green. Other colors such as purple, yellow, black and also white are recognized to exist, yet are incredibly rare.

These crystals are naturally attuned to the Light Side of the Force, and brutally resist attempts by Dark Side users trying to wield them. This pressures the Sith to usage a process called "bleeding" to bend the kyber crystals to their will certainly. Throughout the bleeding procedure, a Force wielder should fusage rage, hate, fear and also pain right into a kyber crystal by means of the Dark Side of the Force, leading to a red blade.

In Legends, kyber crystals are also uncovered on the Crystal Cave of Illum, yet these caves exist on Dantooine and also the Adega device as well. These kyber crystals already have actually colors attached to them, but both Jedi and Sith had to imbue them with the force before placing them in a lightsaber. Many Jedi usage organic kyber crytsals, however the Sith use artificial red ones that are filled via the negative energies of their creators. These red crystals boost a Dark Side wielder"s Force and also offensive abilities. Not all lightsabers are made of crystals yet, as physical continues to be, shards of glass and even unique micro machinery have been provided. Luke Skywalker likewise used a synthetic crystal in Legends, as natural ones were unobtainable on Tatooine.

Blue lightsabers are among the most generally wielded tools in the series, through Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Skywalkers and also Ki-Adi-Mundi wielding the weapon. In Legends, blue crystals are generally provided to Jedi guardians, who use the Force on a physical level.


Environment-friendly lightsabers are likewise common and have actually been wielded by the likes of Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda and also Luke Skywalker. These lightsabers are traditionally given to Jedi Consulars in Legends, who serve as scholars of the Force and seek to fight the Dark Side at its core.

Rey holding her new yellow lightsaber at the finish of Rise of Skywalker.
Yellow lightsabers were wielded by the Jedi Temple guards in both canon and also Legends. Some canon yellow lightsaber wielders incorporate the Sith Asajj Ventress and Rey in The Rise of Skywalker. Yellow crystals were commonly provided to Jedi Sentinels in Legends, that honed their abilities in both combat and also intellectual pursuits.


Purple lightsabers are rare in both canon and also Legends, with Mace Windu and Huulik serving as its wielders. Windu"s lightsaber had actually an electrum finish, which offered his blade a purple hue.

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Ahsoka Tano is the just Jedi well-known to wield white lightsabers in canon, as her kyber crystal had its frequency and angle readjusted by Anakin Skywalker. White lightsabers are supplied by the Imperial Knights in Legends, that are Gray Jedi loyal to the Emperor of the Fel Empire.

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The Darksaber is the ideal known babsence bladed lightsaber in both Legends and also canon. This weapon was developed by Tarre Vizsla under unrecognized scenarios, but the blade has a crystal that serves as a conduit for Force power.