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Known Issues in Call of Duty: Infinite War

A list of concerns being tracked in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

This page contains a running list of issues that have been figured out or reported in Call of Duty: Infinite War and also are either under investigation or scheducaused be fixed, as well as concerns that have been refixed or are considered closed.

Check out latest updates for Cevery one of Duty: Infinite War on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC for a full list of new attributes, fixes, and also problems addressed.

Be sure to Follow this web page to be educated as soon as updays are made.

Refixed Issues

The following concerns were fixed or are thought about closed.

Issue Description Status
I can not sign up with a party. – Xbox One

Some players are receiving ELVIRA or HERMENTARIA error messperiods once attempting to sign up with a friend or a party.

I picked up the Proteus/Volk Retro variant however nothing"s there. – PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Some players have actually reported they"ve picked up the Proteus/Volk Retro variant, however they aren"t able to usage the gun or check out it in their hands.

I"m gaining an OPPAVIA error. – PlayStation 4

This error can take place when the exact same PSN account is logged in to more than one PlayStation.

Workaround: Be sure the PSN account you"re making use of is only logged in to one PlayStation as soon as playing the game.

I keep getting "Update requires restart" messperiods but can not upday. – PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Players are reporting acquiring stuck in an upday loop once attempting to affix to servers.

Workaround: Try the following troubleshooting measures.

If you have Modern Warfare Remastered installed: Launch Modern War Remastered and connect digital. After connecting, quit Modern War Remastered and switch ago to Infinite Warfare. If Steps 1 and also 2 don"t work: Uninstall and also reinstall Infinite Warfare and all DLC.
I"m acquiring a disc read error after installing DLC. – PlayStation 4

Some players are receiving CE-32725-9, CE-24224-5, cp_disco, and basic disc review error messperiods when attempting to play Multiplayer or Zombies after installing a DLC pack.

If you are still suffering disc review errors, please contact for assistance.

Weapon shed after activating Super Minute Man Fortune Card – All platforms

Weapon loss deserve to happen if a player performs a melee strike prior to the timer expires on the Super Minute Man Fortune Card.

Salvage not awarded for duplicates – PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Players are reporting they are not receiving Salvage as soon as they gain duplicate items in Supply Drops.

Mapping to arrows not working – Steam Players are reporting that mapping the secrets to the arrows does not work properly. Resolved
Players earning fewer Keys than they have to –All platforms

We have actually got reports that some players are not receiving the supposed variety of Keys for completing matches

Game crashes in Zombies – All platforms

Zombies mode games are crashing after players pass level 30.

Pre-order bonus content not showing up – All platforms

Players that purchased a Digital Deluxe Edition, or a Legacy Edition or Legacy Pro Edition from GameSpeak, are not receiving Bullethawk or Hellstorm pre-order bonus content.

Players must contact us with a valid proof of purchase prepared to provide to an agent.

Choose your platcreate to contact us:

Split-display screen players not earning in-game rewards – All platforms Player 2 in split-display Multiplayer and Zombies matches are not earning Keys or Mission Team development (goals and also XP). Resolved
Game unresponsive on ALT+Enter – Steam Using Alt+Get in to switch between Windowed and Fullscreen deserve to sometimes make the game unresponsive. Resolved
Incentives not redeemable – Steam We"ve figured out some worries through COD XP, Monster 2XP, and also Retro Jackal incentives not redeeming on Steam. Resolved
XP earned after matches – PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Players have reported they are not receiving the full amount of XP after completing a enhance.

Players getting put right into their own lobby after matchmaking – Xbox One, Steam

If not sufficient players join a lobby quick sufficient before the begin of a complement, players might acquire kicked to a lobby by themselves.


Unable to invite players after quitting a enhance – Xbox One, Windows 10 Store

If a player backs out of a complement without rerelocating party members, those players will not be able to obtain invites.

Party leader game crashes – Xbox One

If a player navigateways between Match Lobby menus through 2 splitscreen players in the party, the party leader will certainly endure a crash.

Achievements not showing up – COMPUTER, Windows 10 Store

Sabotage DLC accomplishments do not display screen in the accomplishments list.

Seaboy Pass owners being asked to pay for Sabotage DLC– Xbox One

If you very own Seakid Pass and also see a price linked through the Sabotage DLC Pack in the in-game save or the Xbox Store, perform not attempt to download the DLC. Instead, please contact for assistance.

"This product cannot be purchased at this time." – PlayStation 4

Some players attempting to downfill Sabotage from the in-game keep are receiving a message stating "This product cannot be purchased at this time." (Error code WC-40360-3)

Disc read error after Sabotage installation – PlayStation 4

Some players are receiving disc review error, cp_rave, or imagefile202.pak error messages as soon as attempting to play Multiplayer or Zombies after installing the Sabotage DLC load.

Unable to matchmake in Zombies – PC, Windows 10 Store

When players attempt to uncover a Public Match in Zombies, they obtain the adhering to error message: "Lost connection to Host/Server. Connection timed out."

After Action Report not showing up – All platforms

Players have reported that the After Action Report is not appearing after a enhance, and that they are not earning Keys for completing Mission Team missions.

Players have actually reported that they are unable to access Rig customization.

Some medals are currently not tracking appropriately after acquiring them in matches.

Pack-A-Punched melee weapons are not tracking towards melee weapon kill difficulties when playing Rave in the Redwoods map.

Splitdisplay screen players on Xbox One could acquire kicked from matches if they are both scrolling through their loadouts at the exact same time.

PCs via an AMD GPU will crash after switching Anti-Aliasing to “Filmic SMAA T2X”. Eextremely subsequent boot afterward will certainly crash.

The game appears to be stuttering or rubber banding on level transitions– Windows 10 Store Issue that affects display tons, bring about level transitions to stutter, hitch, or rubber band also and audio to come to be delayed or unsynced. Stuttering has actually additionally been established in digital Multiplayer matches through the maximum enabled players. Resolved
POLANA error – Xbox One Players are receiving Error Code: POLANA as soon as attempting to play virtual. Resolved
LUITween Error Message – All platforms

Players reported they were receiving an error message "Fairesulted in allocate from LUITween pool"

Players reported they were unable to see whether or not they very own Seakid Pass when looking in their downfill background.

Solution: Follow the steps based upon your platdevelop to examine your entitlements, including Seachild Pass:

PlayStation 4

From the dashboard, go to Settings. Select PlayStation Network/Account Management. Select Account Information. Select Services List. Select Infinite Warfare.

Everypoint that shows up on this list is owned.

Xbox One

From the dashboard, go to Store. Find Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Seachild Pass in the Xbox Store.

If Season Pass is owned, it is noted Owned.

Players not receiving Spaceland also – Xbox One

Some players are not receiving the Zombies in Spaceland also Pack personalization items.

Solution: Players can manually download the personalization load.

From the dashboard, highlight Cevery one of Duty: Infinite Warfare. Press the Options button and also select Manage game. Go to Ready to install. Select the Zombies in Spaceland fill and also downfill.
This is intfinished functionality via Xbox One digital content.
General performance worries – Windows 10 Store Performance concerns in the 40-50 fps range and also some stuttering. Fixed in initially post-launch update
Lost computer mouse use on boot – Windows 10 Store

Mousage becomes unresponsive after booting the game.

Fixed in initially post-launch update
Video Game freezes after accepting an invitation – Windows 10 Store

Accepting an invite or joining a Multiplayer or Zombies session while in Campaign gameplay can reason the game to freeze.

Some players that have actually purchased Season Pass are not receiving their 10 Rare Supply Drops and also 1,000 Salvage Credits.

Workaround: Some players have discovered that cshedding and rebooting the game two or three times delivers their Season Pass bonus content.

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The Jackal Assault VR Experience is locked in the in-game store.