Fans about the world simply obtained their initially look at Call of Duty: Infinite War, and we have actually everything you must know about the game appropriate below.

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Justin Binkowski

Welcome to the future of warfare. #InfiniteWarfaredelivers the most customizable Cevery one of Duty MP yet on Nov. 4.

— Cevery one of Duty (
CallofDuty) September2, 2016

If you weren’t able towatch the multiplayer expose trailer live, you deserve to watch it in thevideo installed above.

To begin, many kind of fans and also playerswere relieved to hear that the “pick 10” create-a-classsystem would be making a rerevolve in IW. But, the first point thatjumped out to everyone was the advent of combatrigs.

Combat rigs are essentiallyInfinity Ward’s take on professionals from Babsence Ops III. Thereare six standard rigs (that we know of appropriate now), each with threedistinctive “payloads” and also “traits.” As of currently,it seems like paytons are indistinguishable to specialist tools orabilities, which means that the paylots will be unique for eachrig. Similarly, traits show up to be perks that are just availableto each rig.

Here is a straightforward list andsummary of the rigs that were revealed earliertoday:

Warfighter – close array SMG Merc- hefty infanattempt Stryker – tactical assistance Phantom – marksguy Synaptic – cshed quarters combat FTL -advancement in stealth combat/assassin

With every one of these differentrigs, paylots and also traits, there are over 50 various combinationsfor players to select from.

To continue via the trend ofcustomizable in-game attributes, it was revealed that for the firsttime in Cevery one of Duty history, players will have the ability to craft basetools into “protoform tools.” These prototypetools permit players to go above-and-past what they have actually done inthe previous, consisting of the introduction of gun perks.

Several different tacticalgrenades and scorestreaks were introduced in the multiplayertrailer, and it was likewise announced that the Black Ops IIImomentum-based motion device will be making a return in InfiniteWarfare.

It also appears like almost all ofthe traditional game settings that Cevery one of Duty fans have actually pertained to knowand also love will certainly be returning in IW, with the introduction of a newgame mode well-known as Defender. This game mode, comparable to Oddballin Halo, shows up to be a giant game of keep-away, with playersfighting for manage of the round objective.

At the end, fans roughly theworld and in the arena at Cevery one of Duty XP were treated to a firstlook at Call of Duty: Modern WarfareRemastered, where it was also announced that all 16 mapsfrom the original game will certainly be remastered in the newestedition.

Despite some at an early stage criticismfrom when the game was initially announced, everyone was sudepend glad toobtain their first look at footage from both IW and also Modern WarfareRemastered.

For a more comprehensive andpersonalized look at IW multiplayer, check out JoshBilly’s article, in which he explains his first-handexperience playing the game at Cevery one of Duty XP.

If you aren’t at Call ofDuty XP, don’t worry; you can play the game yourself in themultiplayer beta collection to release initially on PlayStation 4 on Oct.14.

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