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"Longview" is the lead single and fourth song from Amerideserve to rock band also Environment-friendly Day"s 3rd album, Dookie. The song was the band"s first single to optimal the Modern Rock chart in the U. S. The music video for this song got hefty airplay on MTV and is mainly credited for breaking Eco-friendly Day into mainstream popularity. The video was directed by the Bay Area music video director Mark Kohr that collaborated through the band on many kind of music videos. The song explains intense boredom. Lyrically, the song is around a day spent sitting roughly the home, doing absolutely nopoint of importance, masturbating, and smoking cigarettes marijuana till the days are no much longer fun. The song recorded the attention of many type of youth at the moment through its overt allusions to masturbation. Bassist Mike Dirnt has declared that the well known bass line intro to this song was written one night while he was high on LSD, and also what stays on the album is what he and lead singer Billie Joe Armsolid can recall in the morning. At most mirrors in the 2first Century Breakdown World Tour and Rdevelopment Radio Tour, Billie Joe picked a random audience member to sing the song or play the song on electric guitar onstage. The song is called after the city of Longwatch, Washington, where it was initially perdeveloped in 1992. The band had already created the song prior to arriving in the city. In 1995, Green Day received 4 Grammy Award nominations, consisting of Best Hard Rock Performance for "Longview". The band won Best Alteraboriginal Music Performance for Dookie. The song was ranked at number 3 on the list of the Best Singles of 1994 by Rolling Stone. The song have the right to likewise be found as the third track on their 2001 best hits repertoire International Superhits!, and also a live performance have the right to be found on the Bullet in a Bible CD and DVD.more »

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I sit about and also watch the tube however, nothing"s onI readjust the networks for an hour or twoTwiddle my thumbs just for a bitI"m sick of all the exact same old shitIn a residence with unlocked doorsAnd I"m fucking lazyBite my lip and also close my eyesTake me amethod to paradiseI"m so damn bored, I"m going blindAnd I smell favor shitPeel me off this Velcro seat and gain me movingI certain as hell can"t execute it by myselfI"m feeling choose a dog in heatBarred indoors from the summer streetI locked the door to my very own cellAnd I shed the keyBite my lip and cshed my eyesTake me ameans to paradiseI"m so damn bored, I"m going blindAnd I smell prefer shitI gained no motivationWright here is my motivationNo time for motivationSmoking my inspirationI sit roughly and also watch the phone, but no one"s callingCall me pathetic, call me what you willMy mom claims to gain a jobBut she don"t prefer the one she"s gotWhen masturbation"s lost its funYou"re fucking lonelyBite my lip and also cshed my eyesTake me ameans to paradiseI"m so damn bored, I"m going blindAnd loneliness has to sufficeBite my lip and cshed my eyesSlipping ameans to paradiseSome say, quit or I"ll go blindBut it"s just a myth

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Green Day Environment-friendly Day is an Amerideserve to punk rock band formed in 1987. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Billie Joe Armsolid, bhelp and backing vocalist Mike Dirnt, drummer Tré Cool and also guitarist and also backing vocalist Jason White, that ended up being a full member after playing in the band also as a session and also touring guitarist for 13 years.

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Cool replaced former drummer John Kiffmeyer in 1990, before the recording of the band"s second studio album, Kerplunk (1992). even more »