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Gas pshort articles move randomly (both rate and direction, as vector)

Median velocities of gases deserve to be expressed as root-mean-square velocity. (V rms)


R = gas continuous, 8.314 J / mol K

T = temperature,

Mm = molar mass of the gas particles

μ rms = root expect square velocity of Gas Pposts.

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From this equation reflects that the velocity of the gas is inversely proportional to the molar mass of the gas particles

μ ≅ 1 / mm

So that the better the molar mass of the gas pwrite-ups, the smaller sized the speed (the slowest) gas molecule, O₂ has a molar mass: 0.032 kg / mol

T = 35 C + 35 + 273 = 308 K :


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kinetic molecular theory

The gas pshort article that travels the slowest

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