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ANSWER: Find : Using titration information we plot pH (y-axis) vs. volume of HCl (x-axis) to attain the equivalenc point: For titration of a solid bas…View the complete answer

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Transcribed picture text: Titration of a Base: Concentration of HCI: 0.05M Name of Base: Ca(OH)2 TRIAL 1 1 Volume of pH HCI 0.0 ml 12.89 1.0 ml 12.82 2.0 ml 12.74 3.0 ml 12.66 4.0 ml 12.58 5.0 ml 12.39 6.0 ml 12.24 7.0 ml 12.02 8.0 ml 11.71 9.0 ml 10.81 10.0 ml 3.50 11.0 ml 3.04 12.0 ml 2.78 13.0 ml 2.73 14.0 ml 2.65 15.0 ml 2.60 BACKGROUND INFORMATION In General Chemistry I Laboratory you currently learned around solubility rules, and also earlier this semester, we disputed that the solubility of a details compound alters in relation to particular factors, such as temperature. Compounds precipitate as soon as one of the assets is insoluble in water. Even though the compound precipi- tates, a very little amount of the compound will certainly disfix in water. An equilibrium is establiburned wbelow the ions of the insoluble salt consistently go in and out of solution. Quantitatively, the amount of that insoluble compound which deserve to be liquified in aqueous solution at a provided temperature have the right to be identified by the solubility product continuous. All compounds, even the highly soluble sodium chloride, have actually a K . However before, the Ky of a compound is generally thought about only in cases where the compound is exceptionally slightly soluble and the amount of liquified ions is not simple to measure. Your main objective in today's experiment is to test a saturated solution of Ca(OH), and also usage your observations and also measurements to calculate the Kp of the compound. You will carry out this by titrating the pre- pared Ca(OH), solution with a typical HCl solution. By determining the molar concentration of dissolved hydroxide ions in the saturated Ca(OH), solution, you will have actually the vital indevelopment to calculate the K. The dissolution reactivity is displayed below. Ca(OH), - Ca (ay) + 2OH . The equilibrium expression for Ca(OH)2 is K=