Maxwell Lord promised the world of Wonder Womale 1984 that life might be better—so much so that it was, pretty a lot, his catchexpression. Barbara Minerva knew that he was the minute he turned roughly, turned on the charm, and shelp “Life is excellent, but it can be much better,” and with that catchexpression comes wonderful new content for the internet.

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Now everyone is posting their own upgrade scenarios with Max reflecting people what they’re absent. As an example, below is my own via Babu Frik and Grogu. (Sorry to Babu. I love you, however you are not my child.)

“Life is good however it have the right to be better”

— rachel leishman (
RachelLeishman) December 29, 2020

I just, personally, am very happy to watch Pedro Pascal’s confront anywhere yet again. What a great time to be on Twitter.

Life is excellent yet it can be better

— agustin❓0❓❓ (
Guslivesagain) December 28, 2020

“Life is good, yet it deserve to be better!”

— Matt Neglia (
NextBestPicture) December 29, 2020

“Life is good, yet it have the right to be better!”

— Swara Ahmed (
spiderswarz) December 29, 2020

(This one I felt in my bones as an Oberyn Martell fan.)

“ , !”

— Adam Lance Garcia (
AdamLanceGarcia) December 29, 2020

Life is great, however it can be better

— Nerdist (
nerdist) December 29, 2020

“Life is great but it have the right to be better.”

— The Mary Sue ( December 29, 2020

Life is good.But it deserve to be better.

— Rynhxe (
rynhxe) December 29, 2020

“Life is great yet it have the right to be better” – Potential Breakup Track edition #WonderWoman1984

— Ryan (
Ironspider1301) December 29, 2020

“life is excellent, however it have the right to be better”

— aextremely ‍ (
unspilledbeans) December 29, 2020

“Life is great, yet it deserve to be better”

— Oli vs the World ᵇˡᵐ (
starforcebinary) December 28, 2020

Life is great.But it can be better.

— Wayzel (
LukasWayzel) December 29, 2020

Anymethod, my whole Twitter account is simply now filled via Max Lord memes, and I’m not really that ashamed of it.

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My brain the extremely moment I receive a compliment

— Mike Drucker (
MikeDrucker) December 29, 2020

(image: Warner Bros.)

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