In this archival attribute, Sandra Thomas met Vancouver"s metropolitan "buckle bunnies" that hightail it to the country for rodeo romance
Rob Bell is a cowboy. Holly Miettinen says it"s "simply difficult not to have actually an excellent time" once in the firm of a cowboy.

First published in print May 18, 2003


In the 1969 Oscar-winning timeless Midnight Cowboy, John Voight"s character Joe Buck is a Texas cowboy who heads to New York City searching for simple money bedding well-heeled city women.

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After Buck consistently strikes out and ends up living in an abandoned hotel via his friend Ratso, played by Dustin Hoffmale, the last tells him his schtick is doomed to fail.

"I understand enough to know that that excellent substantial dumb cowboy crap of yours do not appeal to nobody except eextremely jocvital on 4second Street.”

Not anymore.

Woguys from all walks of life are taking a 2nd, if not a third and fourth look at today"s cowboy.

This weekend, scores of usually seday women will certainly slap on western hats and also boots and head out to the yearly Cloverdale Rodeo and Exhibition trying to find good, old-fashioned, rough and challenging "real" guys. In rodeo parlance, those gals are called "buckle bunnies."

The Cloverdale Rodeo and also Counattempt Fair runs May 19 to 22 this year in 2017.

When it concerns guys, 31-year-old teaching assistant Holly Miettinen claims cowboys rule — in reality Miettinen has pretty a lot quit going to neighborhood bars because city guys simply do not measure up.

"There"s not most males favor that in Vancouver. I do not know, there"s simply somepoint around cowboys. They"re so polite and courteous. It"s simply difficult not to have a great time as soon as you"re with them."

Miettinen and also a group of girlfriends, all mostly experienced women, make the pilgrimage each year not just to the Cloverdale Rodeo, which consists of a western dance, yet likewise to the Calgary Stampede. One frifinish that freshly moved to Atlanta, Ga. is flying in to sign up with the team at the Stampede in July.

"She wouldn"t miss it," claims Miettinen. "It"s so a lot fun. The only rules we have are you need to be single and what happens on the road, remains on the road."

Each year Miettinen and her friends design T-shirts to wear in the time of the rodeo, together with their black cowboy hats. Last year"s shirts check out, "Stampede Cowboy Inspectors," and gave the womales "authorization" to check for butt firmness, roping and also riding capabilities and also drinking capacity. The shirts were a large hit, not just with cowboys however via various other women.

"We had all sorts of womales ask us wbelow they can buy one."

Holly Miettinen claims she prefers a rough-and-tumble type of male over a city slicker. Picture Dan Toulgoet

Miettinen states one reason she"s always been attracted to "manly men" is bereason of her upbringing. Her father was a commercial fisherman, so she was always surrounded by males that didn"t mind getting their hands dirty.

"Cowboys are choose that. They"re not afrassist to acquire sweaty. A male in a suit going to the office just does not do it for me. I like the reality cowboys job-related difficult and also aren"t afrassist to take dangers."

The bride sassist yes to Wranglers

Twenty-seven-year-old Sandra Battilana, who"s been attending the Cloverdale Rodeo because 1991, claims you can tell true cowboys by their hands.

"You watch these men out tbelow through a perfectly clean hat and manicured nails and you know they"re not a real cowboy," states Battilana, a Surrey resident who does clerical work in Vancouver. "Cowboys don"t mind a tiny dirt under their fingernails. I dated a guy once and also he told me he offered to be a bull rider. I inevitably uncovered out he rode a bull once in Grade 8."

Anvarious other dead giveameans is how he treats the woguys in his family as Battilana states cowboys are very respectful and also protective of womales, especially their own.

"They respect their mothers. Cowboys are prefer somepoint out of the past — they open up doors for you and also pull out chairs. You don"t watch that very regularly anymore."

Though they respect women, they rarely speak to them that, defines Battilana. "A genuine cowboy constantly call them women. You have the right to tell best ameans from the terminology they use if they"re the actual thing or not."

Battilana has actually been dating cowboys as lengthy as she"s been dating and also this summer will marry the love of her life, a transplanted cowboy from Alberta, in a western-style wedding ceremony at a ranch in Langley.

The pair met at Gabby"s Counattempt Cabaret in Langley a year back and also came to be instant two-step dance partners. Ultimately, they dropped in love. Forgoing a conventional tuxeperform, the groom and also groomsguys will wear Wrangler jeans, western boots and hats, while Battilana is wearing a traditional wedding dress, cowboy hat and boots.

The bride, that owns three cowboy hats, and also her attendants are arriving in a horse-drawn carriage. The males will certainly be on horseearlier. Their reception takes place in the riding arena. Following the wedding, the pair is taking off in their 4X4 Jeep for a back-roadways pilgrimage throughout B.C. to Barkerville.

"He told me I could go everywhere in the civilization I wanted for a honeymoon, yet I figured it would certainly be nice to continue to be in B.C."

When Battilana was single, she and her girlfriends had specific criteria guys had to fulfill prior to they"d take into consideration dating them — they had to wear a cowboy hat and very own a truck.

Battilana suggests any "ladies" interested in meeting the real deal need to hang out at occasions like the rodeo or agri-fairs. "They"re outdoorsy world so they should do outdoorsy points. When I was single, I couldn"t imagine dating a city slicker. It just ain"t my point."

But are the chaps buttless?

It"s organic for women to be attracted to a risk-taking cowboy, says Catherine Salmon, a post-doctdental researcher in evolutionary psychology at SFU.

"Cowboys offer most the qualities womales would have been in search of throughout humale advancement," Salmon states. "We"ve just been civilized and also living in cities for a brief time, and historically, it"s always been vital that a guy had the ability to provide."

Woguys have actually traditionally tried to find traits such athletic ability, the capability to be effective no issue what they carry out, and rugged facial features, which indicate high-levels of testosterone. Men with those features would be extremely desirable to father kids because of their ability to provide for them.

While most womales today most likely aren"t consciously selecting men based on evolutionary ethics, subconsciously, they still find the kind extremely attrenergetic, states Salmon, discussing that guys in careers favor policing, firefighting and also the army likewise fascinate woguys.

"They are physically capable and also willing to take dangers," she says. "That provides them able to hunt and also safeguard their very own.

"Why perform you think those are the a lot of renowned imperiods that strippers use? When a stripper comes out wearing chaps and also a hat and dancing to Bon Jovi"s "Dead or Alive," woguys go crazy."

Salmon shelp many kind of women are additionally attracted to resources, such as money and also belongings, yet often still prefer the macho type bereason the photo is of bravery and physical prowess.

"Womales could prefer the BMW, however if they were walking down a street at night, that carry out you think they"d desire walking alongside them — the CEO of a computer firm or a cowboy?"

Who"s the boss?

Snow and also freezing rain were falling so tough in northeastern Alberta last week that T.J. Baird"s tractor obtained stuck out in a area near his family"s ranch.

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Bad luck for Baird, yet great luck for the Courier bereason it lastly offered the cowboy an possibility to perform a long-awaited cell-phone intersee as he walked ago to the ranch.

After some prodding, the Castor, Alta. resident admited that many city woguys perform find cowboys attractive. "Cowboys and also city womales are from two various cultures," he claims. "But opposites tempt, and also Vancouver woguys really seem to favor that rough-and-hard Marlboro Ma picture."