Before start, I just wanted to explain a small just how I gained into making this thread:


I was analysis a biography around Marilyn and JFK (from François Forestier) and also likewise got a photobook (Metamorphosis â€“ Its to die for, if u favor her, buy it! It’s amaaaazing) and also I guess I just gained sucked right into all the similarities Marilyn and also Britney have actually. Of course, we’ve seen comparisons between those 2 stars, mainly on photos. And, I gotta say, for me they are not lookalikes, they simply have this remarkable power roughly them, that mesmerize people almost everywhere, but they don’t look the exact same to me. I’ve search for some photos to highlight the topic, but really, only to make a better thcheck out for you guys. Tbelow are so beautiful.

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Anymethod, reading those publications, and what some world who operated with MM had actually to say about her, I got this sensation: “My God, this is so Britney!†It seems choose they – directors and also co-stars – are describing HER, and not Marilyn.†



So, tright here are some things that I highlighted while reading it, and I guess I simply had to talk to someone who likes and knows Britney as well. And there I am. Let me know if u males have actually the exact same impression and also other similarities you might wanna share w/ everyone also.



1. Both of them have second names… and also both of them are Jean. 

Marilyn"s actual name was Norma Jeane Monterchild. Although, Marilyn’s is Jeane, it’s pronounced the exact same.



2.  One of the many known phrases of Marilyn around the struggling life as an actress in Hollywood was:


“I provided to think as I looked at the Hollyhardwood night: Tright here need to be thousands of girls sitting alone like me, dreaming of becoming a movie star. But I"m not going to worry about them. I"m dreaming the hardest."


Britney sassist that she provided to watch Madonna and dream about percreating at a phase. At a Billboard presentation of her in 1999, they put a small girl impersonating Britney as a boy and also dreaming around being there.



Britney even said at a Chaotic episode:




All appropriate, I guess thousands of girls dream around the present bizz sector. What it gets me right here, it’s exactly how much they both wanted this and also set their minds right into it. 

I guess both of them can REALLY dream big , hun?



Yeah, they can!


3. Before hitting significant, Marilyn remained in innumerous photo shoots functioning as a pin-up design, and some tiny bit components in movies, and also in every one of them, people talked w/ such sweetness and at some allude also protectiveness around her, favor they wanted and needed to aid her find her method.


Natalie Wood said: "When you look at Marilyn on the display, you don"t desire anypoint bad to take place to her. You really care that she have to be all best... happy."


It seemed so much prefer Britney’s start at the industry. They can watch somepoint so special around that son, that also though she wasn’t the age compelled to be at the MMC, the executives waited to put her on the show anymeans. I guess they can check out some sparkle in her.


4. Some people might really view how rumble and shy Marilyn was, it just reminded me around some human being that always talk favor that about Britney too. Mary J. Blige was among many type of, saying Britney respects ppl, and is dvery own to Planet.


The Mary J. Blidge full quote was about Aguilera, and said:


"I don"t prefer her bereason she has a nasty atitude, and also you know, I was trying to greet her effectively and she stuck her hand also out for me to kiss it and I said: "Oh, okay... You"re headed dvery own the wrong path already". BRITNEY SPEARS can not sing like you yet she WILL go farther than you because she knows how to treat and respect her human being, from fans to supporters."

She was just nasty, and that"s not the initially time I heard that. I heard that from a couple of human being. I"m just putting this out tbelow bereason you recognize, later I don"t wanna hear anything around "she desires to carry out a song via me" bereason the initially impression is the last impression through me.â€


5. Marilyn was specifically shy for an actress, someone whose task is to be constantly on the spotlight, yet choose Britney she also didn’t let this display to the public, at least not at the beginning.


There’re some statements that make that extremely clear. Marilyn’s make-up artist and her co-star at Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Jane Rusoffer shelp Marilyn suffered so a lot from stress and anxiety – phase fright - she had to pick her up on her dressing room to acquire in the studio together, because she was so nervous around the crew on the set.



Marilyn by Ed Feingersh.

This pic was taken while she was gaining prepared for her significant dehowever riding on the Barnum Bailey pink elephant.

Backphase was no picnic, she had a "bout of anxiety, major phase fbest... below she is in tears at the mercy of her low self esteem, she almost didnt go thru with it.


It reminds of Britney’s stress after 2007, though she was always shy and able to diquiss it from the public, after that she appeared incredibly nervous/aprehensive at some interviews.

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At the X-factor interviews she couldn’t soptimal her hands one minute. It was so nerve hacking to watch. (If she could only recognize everybody loves her, no issue what…=/)


6. Marilyn supplied to work really hard to make her incredibly best at every take on her movies. One of her co-star defines her at the collection of Gentleguys Prefer Blondes:


"She would rehearse until all the last person of the crew went house and tbelow would be no one on the collection. Afterwards, she would repursuit a series of takes on her scenes simply to make sure she obtained the best out of her lines."


At a documentary of Britney’s resides, some world of her residence tvery own gained interregarded, and also one of her teachers sassist she was the most motived of the course, always wanting to nail the dance moves, Britney supplied to say to her classmates:


"Don’t you wanna gain better?"

"She just didn’t interpreted just how they didn’t want to use themselves into making somepoint excellent."