Classic After School Program Hours: Monday – Friday, institution dismissal until 6:00pm(this location does not provide kinder care)

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After School Programs Offered

S.T.E.A.M. Program(Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

for Boys and Girls at the Polster Branch

Whether today’s students go on to be artists, medical professionals or politicians, we recognize that the obstacles their generation deals with will demand also creative remedies. Recognizing that to be effective in technological areas, individuals should also be creative and use crucial thinking skills which are best emerged with expocertain to the arts, the Boys & Girls Clubs of San Dieguito has actually incorporated the “A” for arts into the STEM equation. The Polster Branch will certainly start its initially 5 week S.T.E.A.M. enrichment course this February, each week experimenting a different topic. Week one science, week 2 modern technology, week 3 engineering, week 4 the arts, and also week five mathematics!

Torch Club; Leadership Program

for Boys and Girls Ages 11 to 13 at the Polster Branch

The Boys and also Girls Club of San Dieguito Polster branch is excited to announce the launch of Torch Club. Torch Club is a volunteer based regimen that permits young teens, ages 11 to 13, to come to be handy members of the area as well as aide in their change into young adults.

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The members will certainly elect policemans and work-related together to implement activities in 4 areas; organization to the Club and also community; education; health and also fitness; and also social redevelopment. Tbelow are three primary areas of service that the teenagers of Polster have established as the many urgent: nutrition and also exercise; animal wellness and safety; and the health and wellness of the planet. Our arrangement is to take one topic and also job-related with different facets of that topic for three months. Throughout this time, the members will certainly organize means to make positive changes in the location of interest. This will incorporate different opportunities for volunteer job-related within the community that the members deserve to experience firsthand also. Our goal is to display young adolescents of today that they do have actually an influence on the civilization and that they can impact change via company to the community.The club meets Thursday’s at 4:00pm.

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A dynamic health routine that demonstrates how eating ideal, maintaining fit, and also forming positive relationships add up to a healthy way of living. The goal of the Triple Play routine is to enhance Club members’ expertise of healthy habits; boost the variety of hours per day they get involved in physical activities; and strengthen their ability to communicate positively through others and also communicate in positive relationships. Included in this regimen is Zumbatomic, a 15-30 minute aerobic dance class to communicate our members in a fun new physical activity!

Academic assistance regime designed to assist members build academic, behavior, and also social abilities with homejob-related completion, high-yield learning activities, and tutoring.

Other programs offered at the Polster Branch:

Summer Adventure CampsAthletics (Youth & Adult)Dance & Cheer YAAFitness & Reproduction (Youth & Adult)Center School Sports Montessori School – Carmel Valley Music Classes at YAAYouth Arts Academy

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