I normally have actually my duration eincredibly fourth week of the month. However, April of this year, I skipped. Come by May, from fourth week it checked out the 2nd week. By June, had actually sex a day before the expected duration. Pulled out method was done. But, I"m worried as this day is my 6th day delay. Am I hazard of gaining pregnant? I"ve additionally been anxiety these past few weeks. Please enlighten me. Thank you.

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Anytime you have unprotected sex you are at hazard of pregnancy. Also there are other reasons for delayed durations. If you are came to you may be pregnant you deserve to get a house pregnancy test, speak to your major treatment provider, or Corner Health Center. 

Check out the Period 101 document to learn more about alters in periods. 

I got my initially depo shot on January 14, 2021 and also got my re-up swarm on April 15,2021 but I had actually undefended sex the following morning and also 2 weeks later on I felt sick and very tired etc currently my duration is late and never before verified and this day I"m 6 days late I"m not sure if it"s bereason the swarm or a feasible pregnancy?
The threat of pregnancy as soon as the depo swarm is gotten on time is incredibly incredibly low. So if you obtained your April shot on time tright here is exceptionally little opportunity you are pregnant. 
If you are pertained to around pregnancy then take a house pregnancy test or call Corner Health Center to come in for one.
Hi, I wanted to ask that have the right to I obtain pregnant if I have actually sex-related intercourse 5 days after ovulation?

Sperm have the right to live 4-5 days so depending upon once you ovulated and when you had sex-related intercourse you can gain pregnant.

If my boyfriend came in my yesterday about 3 pm and also take a arrangement b prior to 48 hrs will I be fine ?

Taking Plan B within 48 hrs of undefended sex reduces the likelihood of pregnancy.

It deserve to likewise make your following period late, yet If you carry out not obtain a duration please examine a pregnancy test. 
Also, schedule an appointment through your major care provider or Corrner Health Center to uncover a form of contraception (birth control) that is best for you. 
I began depo in November, my following injection was in February I took that as well. I hadn"t taken my injection in April and had actually unsafeguarded sex on plenty of occasions will I acquire pregnant?

Anytime you have actually undefended sex you are at risk for pregnancy. 

if you are pertained to you might be pregnant, you deserve to take a residence pregnancy test, contact your major treatment provider, or contact Corner wellness to schedule an appointment. 
If you are not going to proceed with depo then you can ask about what various other method would certainly be best for you. 
I STOPPED USING CONTRACEPTIVE IN OCTOBER LAST YEAR SO I slept via my boyfrifinish without the usage of condom In Feb. I just menstruated on April but only for 1 day. Am I pregnant?
Take a residence pregnancy test or schedule an appointment through your major treatment provider or at Corner Health Center.
hello, so i was wondering if this is normal or am I pregnant so I have a feeling that I ovulated 11 of march and also I had actually undefended sex march 5 and also my intended period was march 25 I began bleeding on march 25 reasoning I began my duration but then march 26 Friday morning I stopped bleeding my periods are normally 3 to 4 days and Friday night I had undefended sex and also he cum in me and this day march 29 am beginning to feel cramps

If you have had unprotected sex, that means no birth control and no prophylactics then you are at hazard of pregnancy. 

If you are pertained to about pregnancy then please perform a house pregnancy test,or call your major care provider or Corner Health Center to schedule an appointment for a pregnancy test. 
Hi, I had sex 7 days after my period and supplied defense yet currently I think my duration is late did test which came out negative.... With my duration being late is it possible that I could be pregnant?

Tbelow are other reason for your duration to be late. Repeat the pregnancy test in 2 weeks if you don’t get your duration.

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Hi, me and my boyfrifinish had sex March 17 and also the condom damaged. Four days later on i found a little piece in my vagina. He didn"t ejaculate as soon as we were having actually sex though. I took a setup B that day additionally. Should i be worried?

If a condom breaks throughout sex it is not effective at avoiding pregnancy. Plan B can be effective against pregnancy yet is most effective when taken closer to the moment of unprotected sex. 

I hv not been on birth manage for 9 months. I had undefended sex on the 26th of February and 5hours later the extremely very same day I obtained my periods. 4 weeks later I"ve gained headaches and I"m feeling nauseous, Can I be pregnant??
Headaches and nausea could be from various other points but if you are concerned about pregnancy please schedule an appointment via your major care provider or at Corner Health Center or take a home pregnancy test.