Finding a high-quality pair of headphones at a mid-selection price allude have the right to be rather the chore, mainly bereason there are so many kind of choices. The $300-400 array is great for over-ear headphones, presenting the spiritual “sweet spot” of worth.

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Two such headphones are the Bowers and Wilkins P7s and Sennheiser Momentums. Both pairs sport a classic and elegant aesthetic, hellbent on creating good sound and also looks at an excellent price. While both succeed at this goal, review on to view which edges out the other.

Quick Compare

 Bowers and also Wilkins P7Sennheiser Momentum
Frequency response 10Hz – 22kHz  16Hz – 22kHz  
Impedance 22 Ω  18 Ω  
Cable length 1.4m (Detachable)  1.4m (Detachable)  
Price $349.99 $349.99 

Bowers and also Wilkins P7

The P7 series of headphones are legendary and also this top-range model reflects why. Elegance in both design and also sound, the P7s are an excellent pair of headphones.

Design and also Build

If you’ve watched one pair of Bowers and also Wilkins headphones, you’ve seen them all. These cans sport the same timeless look favor the others, via smooth babsence finish and silver accents. In many kind of ways, the look is “classic” but still via sufficient flair for the contemporary.

The headphone framework is crafted entirely from aluminum, making it incredibly rigid. A padded headremainder means that you’ll stay comfy in them despite how a lot they have the right to take care of.

And, they deserve to really handle a lot. Even though they look like an art piece, these headphones are not versus a beating. While I certainly wouldn’t recommend ruining just how good they look, you have the right to definitely warrant a couple of drops prior to these headphones break.


Highs are gorgeous, via tremendous clarity and also meaning. I’m not certain just how Sennheiser does it, however eincredibly information have the right to be heard up right here, a feat that many type of other more expensive headphones have actually yet to achieve.

Noise isolation is a huge win over the P7s, though. Sennheiser’s ear cups have actually quite a bit of passive canceling and also are even more than suitable for listening, even in sensibly crowded settings.

The as a whole tone misses the note by simply a hair, however don’t let that rotate out off to these headphones. They sound good, through a clear midarray and also superior top-end.

Sennheiser Momentum Overall

In regards to features and design, the Sennheiser Momentum leads over the P7s in almost eexceptionally method. However, the sound high quality leaves simply a little bit to be desired.


While both headphones are fantastic choices, it’s hard to go amethod from this compariboy not recommfinishing the Momentums. They bring contemporary attributes that the P7s sindicate don’t have inside of a beautiful body via good sound.

If wiremuch less listening doesn’t issue to you, or perhaps you favor the looks of the P7 more, then it’s probably a far better alternative for you. These headphones are so very closely matched in regards to their sound that either is certain to be an excellent alternative.

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Which one execute you arrangement on going with? Let us understand in the comments listed below and, as always, many thanks for analysis.