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You understand that opening scene from the a lot of recent James Bond film? You recognize, the sexy one (okay, they’re all sexy)? The one where James Bond is walking via Mexico City during Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) wearing that sexy skeleton tuxeperform with a sexy bond girl on his arm? Yes, that one. What a beautiful scene and also a beautiful couple. Tright here may have actually been wine associated however I looked at my husband also and also sassist “you need to wear that!” …which meant I essential to make it for him. And duplicate his arm candy for myself. This blog article contains my construct on his costume, especially. If you want to view the construct on her costume, it deserve to be uncovered below.


James Bond from Spectre: The Coat

The many striking feature and main part of the costume is the painted skeleton tuxedo through babsence switch down shirt, and also painted skeleton babsence tie. The tuxedo jacket itself is actually a knee-size day coat (or Prince Albert Coat) and is fairly difficult to find given that many overcoats out tbelow are wool/cashmere and also not the tuxecarry out suiting material watched in the film. This coat on Amazon comes extremely close: Historical Emporium Men’s Double Breasted Frock Coat


But it worked! I used a silver paint pen to stencil out the skeleton on the jacket and also tie, then painted in the lines with white fabric paint. I can’t tell you how worried I was that I would certainly ruin this hard to discover jacket!

, a smaller sized coat of Pearl Finish

James Bond from Spectre: Accessories

Black button dvery own shirtBlack slacks (tuxecarry out slacks not necessary)Babsence socks and also shoes


Anna of Darkstar Photography and Costuming snapped these photos of us at DragonCon. More of her photography and also costuming deserve to be found on her Facebook page.


For my Bond Girl costume, review Costuming Mexico City Bond Girl from Spectre (and scroll with the intro, which you’ve currently read).

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EDITED! Download my PDF skeleton pattern here: SpectreSkeletonPatternRSRW (disclaimer: pattern will have to be scaled as much as fit jacket).

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