And once you get older later I will certainly see the very same girl The exact same heart Lioness, fireheart Passionate lover And thereafter Later this century When you and also I have actually come to be corpes

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Let"s celebprice currently all this flesh on our bones Let me press you up against me tightly And gain eextremely little bit of you I see who you are

There is Bjork........then everyone else.She is a dynamo of soul-heart-heart powered joy, catharsis and pure joy being alive !After you hear her music.....You have actually tears rolling down your cheeks and the joy of the cosmos in your smiling heart and soul !


Its prefer a political correct Audio porno...i love it,so passionate. Björk is modern, female shakespear.


The initially listen of this I assumed it sounded eerie. Then after the third time it currently sounds entirely different, choose a lullaby and also exceptionally happy. Interesting



I seeWho you areBehind the skinAnd the musclesI seeWho you are nowAnd as soon as you"ll gain older laterI willSee the exact same girlSeem so lioness fire heart, passionate loverAnd afterwardsLater this centuryWhen you and I have come to be corpsesLet"s celebprice nowAll this flesh on our bonesLet me press you up versus me tightlyAnd gain every little of youLove meLet"s celebprice nowAll this flesh on our bonesLet me push you up against me tightlyLet"s celebprice nowAll this flesh on our bonesAnd gain eextremely little bit of youI see that you areLet me view that you are

Such a beautiful song the definition it’s simply so actual and also raw because we are all going to die one day and this song telling you to celebrate the present with your couple it’s bittersweet yet gorgeous I don’t understand how to explain

This album is among her weakest for me BUT this is one of her ideal sounding songs for me as well. It"s a diamond in the turbulent in terms of Volta.

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I think this album really shines if you"re in a details instance, favor if you"re in a zoo or safari. I played it one time choose that and also dang it was bliss.

Such a good translation of a life of love. I of course didn"t obtain it at first in the same method I carry out currently after spfinishing 13 years with my loved one. Intimate, sad and also wildly full of hope for the permanence of love!