It's much easier than it leads on to be... fill the Gauge bar and use the reactivity command also. I believe spamming "Dark Spiral" and also shotlocks is the fastest way in this fight? Been a while because I've done it, so I can be wrong around that.

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In spite of what others say, DO NOT SPAM MOVES. That puts you on a pucount luck-based track that gets you killed more regularly than not. I see that you already beat it, but if you require the method for future recommendation (copy-pasted from my previous response to comparable posts):

You need to charge your command gauge all the way to unlock Vanitas’ finisher. this is done by clashing with him using either of the 2 new moves in your deck (Dark Spiral, Dark Splicer) or your Shotlock. which you usage is as much as you; I personally choose the Shotlock, but if my focus gauge runs empty then I use Dark Spiral, considering that I can only take 2 to three hits prior to dying and Splicer has trickier timing (although it does look cooler). if you perform use your Shotlock, DO NOT MAX IT. only organize the switch down for a split second so you usage the tiniest percent of your Focus gauge; the effect is the same and you deserve to get more Shotlocks out this way.

Clash via him, overpower him making use of the on-screen prompt, acquire power in your command also gauge.

Because Vanitas is a brat, sometimes he’ll stall for time by not attacking and also your command also gauge will start to shed that precious energy you just dealt with for. If you’re confident in your activity abilities, dash forward, smack him a few times, and then gain the heck out of tright here. Those few hits will recollection the invisible timer on your command gauge.

Once your gauge is full, you obtain the prompt for the finisher Last Word. Take your time with this, because your gauge is currently resolved and will certainly not diminish if you don’t usage it best amethod.

Aacquire, TAKE YOUR TIME WITH THIS. Do not usage it randomly, you will certainly most likely fail. This is where all the complaints I see come from, bereason players just spam it and also miss out on and also acquire frustrated. To use it, you need to clash it via among his moves simply prefer you did formerly – specifically, either his Shotlock or Dark Spiral. DO NOT use it if he’s just standing there, and also DO NOT use it if he starts teleporting roughly. You want to face him once you start the finisher, and if he’s teleporting behind you then obviously it can’t work.

When you see him start up his Shotlock or Dark Spiral, create the finisher. (I personally recommfinish Spiral as the safer bet, bereason if you’re timing’s off it’s feasible to run face-first right into his Shotlock and either die or take damages. Either way, you shed your Finisher and also have to begin over.) After a cool activity sequence, he need to die.

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I'm surprised exactly how many kind of virtual methods totally gain the strategy for this fight wrong, lol. Unfavor what a lot of civilization insurance claim, it's not random or damaged. It just calls for many hard timing and also trial/error your initially time through.