Billy Bob Thorntonwon the Golden Globe for best actor in a drama tv series for his function in Amazon’s “Goliath.”

Thorntonbeat out Rami Malek of USA’s “Mr. Robot,” Bob Odenkirk of AMC’s “Better Call Saul,” Matthew Rhys of FX’s “The Americans” and also Liev Schreiber of Showtime’s “Ray Donovan,” who were all nominated in the finest TV drama actor category.

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Thornton dedicated his win to a production assistant, Luke Scott, on the present that had actually passed away.

Backphase, as soon as Thornton was the initially winner to speak to members of the press, who spoke more at length aboutthe production assistant.

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“Luke made me desire to concerned occupational. He was the guy who once I gained tright here, I kbrand-new that his face, it was such a joyous challenge and he was so happy just to be tright here and have that job and be roughly the company. To lose your life at 23 years old, as soon as you’re just beginning that task,” Thornton sassist, “At the finish of the day, the two entities I need to think are Luke Scott and Amazon.”

Speaking about his duty on “Goliath,” Thornton explained why he was excited to take on the Amazon role.“I constantly wanted to play a lawyer because I think lawyers and also actors have actually the very same job — lawyers are trying to convince the jury and actors are trying to convince the audience.”

Thornton was also asked around the future of “Goliath,” which has not yet been renewed for Seachild 2. He joked, “If I told you, I’d need to kill you,” yet then he elaborated, revealing that Amazon does desire to execute one more seachild — yet he does not definitely recognize about a rejuvenation.“They would certainly favor to perform an additional seaboy — I know that a lot,” he said. Elaborating on the initially season, he continued, “This one was composed in a method that it had a start, middle and also an end…but I honestly think there is more potential for the present than what was in the first seachild. I think we should recognize even more around wbelow this guy came from.” had predicted that Rhys would walk awaywith the award tonight because of the buzz this year for “The Americans,” which has been ignored in previous award show seasons. Our skilled also predicted that Thornton was a cshed second, given his pedigree at the Globes in the past, plus the Hollytimber Foreign Press Association’s tendency to gravitate towards new shows — in this situation “Goliath.”

Last year, Jon Hamm won the award for the lastseason of AMC’s “Mad Men.” Given the sentipsychological value of the last run, Hamm was a shoo-in, providing his fellow nominees bit chance to win. Malek, Odenkirk and also Schreiber were all up against Hamm in 2016.

This year’s category was comprised ofthree returning nominees (Malek, Odenkirk and Schreiber) and 2 category first-timers (Rhys and Thornton), though Thornton did win a Golden Globe in 2015 for FX’s “Fargo,” which fell right into the category ofBest Performance by an Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television. For Schreiber, the nomination noted his fourth consecutive in the category for “Ray Donovan.”