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If you desire to get a comfortable and close shave actually through a cartridge or straight razor, then it is finest to shave actually after showering.

But does this preeminence constantly hold true?

What if you are a man that has sensitive skin or regularly experiences razor bumps? Will shaving before or after showering have any kind of influence on these common ailments? What around the water temperature itself?

Today, we will touch on all these vital points and also more, in addition to discovering just how your shower fits into your shaving program.

Let’s take a look:

When to Shave Largely Depends on the Razor

While tright here is no denying that a shower preps your skin for a comfortable and close shave actually, limitations on whether you should shave actually prior to or after the shower depfinish on your preferred razor system.

Here are all the widespread razor devices and when they must be offered in relation to your shower:


Razors for Shaving After a Shower

Use the following razors when you have stepped out of the shower:

Straight Edge RazorShavetteSafety RazorCartridge RazorDisposable RazorSelect Electric Shavers (those only compatible with wet shaving)

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Razors for Shaving Before a Shower

A dry shave, wright here the skin hasn’t been prepped through a pre-shave actually treatment or via a shower, is ideal suited for a dry electrical shaver only.

The reason is that dry hair follicles are less most likely to clog an electric shaver and allow for even more comfortable results.

Select electrical shavers qualified of being offered in tandem through shaving actually cream (i.e. wet shaving) may break this preeminence as provided in the previous section.

What Happens to Your Skin & Hair When You Shower

To understand when it is ideal to shave in relation to your shower, it’s necessary to recognize what is going on via your skin as you shower. Here are some of the essential facts you have to be conscious of:

Skin Becomes More Pliable

As you shower in warmth water, your skin will certainly absorb the water and also become much even more pliable than it was previously. This permits it to bend much easier under the push of the razor blade with each pass.

This is helpful in reducing the occurrence of micro-cuts and also minor irritation to the skin while shaving.

Hair Becomes Swollen & Softer

Beyond the changing properties of your skin, your hair likewise sof10s considerably. If you have actually ever run your hands over a week’s-old beard, you will certainly instantly feel this softer distinction.

The swollen, softer hair allows for the razor blade to slice with the hair shaft through relative ease. This have to permit for a lessened number of passes that the razor will have to make over the location that is to be shaved.

Skin Pores Don’t Open and also Close

Contrary to renowned idea, showering does not open your pores (source). Skin pores are not muscles and also hence not qualified of opening and also cshedding.

Dead Skin Cells

When you wash your challenge via a gentle cleanser while in the shower, you are removing dead skin cells, dirt, and grime from the surface. This might aid in reducing irritation and making your overall shave actually a little even more comfortable.

What About Showering in Cold Water?

Very few scientific research studies have been done concerning optimal shower temp. One research did compare a cold shower to a warm shower in relation to your immune mechanism (source), yet we couldn’t discover any type of as soon as it pertained to the affect on your shaving actually regimales.

From personal suffer just, we uncovered no noticeable distinction on whether a cold shower will yield a closer shave – so don’t torture yourself right here.

Does Showering Reduce Razor Burn?

In a roundabout method, showering is advantageous in reducing razor burn. However, it is not the leading factor why. As we previously outlined 14 tips to prevent razor burn here, perform understand that tright here is a lot at play in achieving a comfortable shave consisting of the sharpness of the razor blade, shaving cream, and also a lot of importantly, your method.

Does Showering Prevent Razor Bumps?

Showering does not have actually a far-reaching influence on avoiding razor bumps. Razor bumps (ingrown hairs) are because of hair being reduced close or slightly beneath the surface of the skin as demonstrated in the diagram over. Men through dense, curly facial hair are even more prone to these painful ailments.

If you are presently enduring ingrvery own hairs, you need to consider altering your razor, especially if you have actually a multi-blade cartridge razor. Multi-blade razors employ lift-and-cut (hysteresis) that enables for a closer reduced which can increase your susceptibility to razor bumps.

Instead, think about a cartridge razor that has a diminished number of blades, such as the Gillette SkinGuard we recently reviewed, or possibly a safety razor such as the Bevel razor (reperceived here).

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Substitutes to Showers

While showering is undoubtedly the best means to sfrequently both your skin and hair follicles prior to shaving actually, substitutes and ancillary commodities perform exist should you be sindicate short on time:

Hot Towel Method

A classic method offered by experienced barber shops is to apply a damp hot towel to your face for about a minute before shaving. When this action is done, it not only feels quite impressive, yet it will certainly deliver many of those crucial advantages you achieve (softer hair and also pliable skin) simply as if you were to shower in only a portion of the moment.

Splashing Hot Water

Should you not have a hand also towel or washcloth handy for the hot towel strategy, then sindicate splashing warm water to your challenge (as hot as you can tolerate) for a minute have the right to assist to still make things measurably more comfortable before shaving.

Ancillary Products to Assist

Beyond making use of water to prep your skin before shaving, using a simple pre-shave oil have the right to be useful in attaining a comfortable shave in lieu of a shower.

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Save Time and also Shave actually in the Shower

Time-saving and cleaner in addition to optimal skin and hair problems make shaving in the shower a pleasant suffer that yields ssuggest much better outcomes.

Not only will certainly all the shaved clippings cleanly wash dvery own the drainpipe, however you likewise don’t have to problem around shave cream gaining anywhere your body once shaving actually. Furthermore, shaving actually in the shower ensures that your skin is pliable and also the hair swells for a much more comfortable shave.

Unfortunately, shaving actually your face based on memory alone is nearly impossible, even if you shave actually everyday. To permit for a clear view, take into consideration picking up a fogless shaving actually mirror. You have the right to discover them for under $50; they are perhaps among the best ROIs you deserve to make right into your grooming regimen.

Don’t worry around them degrading or shedding their anti-fog coating quickly. Several of the best picks out there contain a reservoir behind the mirror so it will certainly never before fog at all.

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Parting Thoughts

Shaving after showering must aid in making points much much easier for your skin by reducing minor razor cuts and skin irritation while likewise allowing for an in its entirety pleasant shaving endure.