The the majority of accessible, useful, and also affordable development to honest theory and moral reasoning.Beginning Ethics offers students via the theoretical and logical tools they must navigate the moral quandaries in their everyday lives. Clear creating, useful pedagogy, an emphasis on instrumental thinking, and an affordable price make Beginning Ethics the perfect development to among the many crucial courses in the college curriculum.

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Lewis Vaughn is an independent scholar and also freelance writer living in Amherst, New York. He is the author of numerous leading textbooks, consisting of Doing Ethics: Mdental Reasoning, Theory, and Conmomentary Issues and Beginning Ethics: An Summary to Mdental Philosophy.

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Table of Contents

Preconfront 11Chapter 1 Ethics and also the Moral Life 13The Ethical Landscape 16The Elements of Ethics 18The Preeminence of Reason 19The Universal Perspective 19The Principle of Impartiality 20The Dominance of Moral Norms 21Religion and also Morality 21Believers Need Moral Reasoning 22When Conflicts Aincrease, Ethics Steps in 23Mdental Philosophy Enables Productive Discourse 23Keywords 26Exercises 26Recheck out Questions 26Essay Questions 27Ethical Dilemmas 27Chapter 2 Relativism and Emotivism 29Subjective Relativism 31Cultural Relativism 32Emotivism 40Keywords 43Exercises 44Review Questions 44Essay Questions 44Ethical Dilemmas 45Chapter 3 Mdental Arguments 46Claims and also Arguments 47Arguments Good and also Bad 51Implied Premises 56Mdental Statements and Arguments 58Testing Mdental Premises 62Assessing Nonethical Premises 65Avoiding Bad Arguments 66Begging the Question 67Equivocation 67Appeal to Authority 68Slippery Slope 68Appeal to Emotion 69Faulty Analogy 69Appeal to Ignorance 70Straw Man 71Appeal to the Person 71Hasty Generalization 72Keywords 72Exercises 74Rewatch Questions 74Essay Questions 75Argument Exercises 75Ethical Dilemmas 76Chapter 4 Mdental Theories 78Theories of Right and also Wrong 78Major Theories 81Consequentialist Theories 81Nonconsequentialist Theories 82Evaluating Theories 84Criterion 1 Consistency With Considered Judgments 86Criterion 2 Consistency With Our Moral Experience 87Criterion 3 Usefulness In Moral Problem Solving 88Keywords 89Exercises 90Resee Questions 90Essay Questions 90Ethical Dilemmas 91Chapter 5 Ethical Egoism 92Applying the Theory 94Assessing the Theory 96Keywords 101Exercises 101Rewatch Questions 101Ethical Dilemmas 101Chapter 6 Utilitarianism 103Applying the Theory 109Evaluating the Theory 110Learning from Utilitarianism 117Keywords 117Exercises 118Recheck out Questions 118Ethical Dilemmas 118Chapter 7 Kantian Ethics 120Applying the Theory 125Analyzing the concept 126Learning from Kant"s Theory 129Keywords 129Exercises 130Rewatch Questions 130Ethical Dilemmas 130Chapter 8 Natural Law Theory 132Applying the Theory 135Assessing the Theory 137Learning from Natural Law 138Keyword 139Exercises 139Recheck out Questions 139Ethical Dilemmas 140Chapter 9 Social Contract Theory 141Hobbes"s Theory 142Ploffers and also Minuses 144Keyword 146Exercises 146Review Questions 146Ethical Dilemmas 147Chapter 10 The Feminist Challenge 148Feminist Ethics 149The Ethics of Care 151Keywords 152Exercises 152Recheck out Questions 152Essay Questions 153Ethical Dilemmas 153Chapter 11 Virtue Ethics 155Virtue in Action 157Analyzing Virtue Ethics 158Learning from Virtue Ethics 161Keywords 162Exercises 163Review Questions 163Ethical Dilemmas 163Chapter 12 A Mdental Theory 165Mdental Common Sense 165Building a Mdental Theory 166Prima Facie Principles 167Three Rules 169Self-Evidence 174Keywords 176Exercises 176Recheck out Questions 176Essay Questions 177Ethical Dilemmas 177Further Reading 179Glossary 185Index 189