I newly heard a quote that really stuck with me. To be fair, this really isn’t a rare occasion at all bereason I have most quotes roughly my residence and most things seem to ‘speak to me’ in various periods of my life. Bless my husband also for taking care of all the motivational quotes scattered throughout our residence. (I think he privately enjoys them.)

The quote that is presently running on a hamster wheel in my noggin is “Be the type of perchild you want to fulfill.”

On the surconfront, this short quotation might seem pretty straightforward. You can take it as, be nice to others. Or smile at someone every once in a while. But to me, it hits a little deeper.

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When I review it the first time, I thmust myself, “Okay, Kaile, who carry out you want to meet?” And even more importantly, what does that say around you? I think, depending upon your answer, it says a lot about that you are trying to become. As you have the right to most likely assume, this query formed a bit of a mental dilemma in my head.

You check out, I’m not 100% sure that or what I am trying to become. But I know I can’t be done coming to be that perkid or right currently at 23! That seems absurd. I have so much more life to live. How have the right to I be done flourishing and also finding out at 23?

I have actually concerned the conclusion that I ssuggest cannot.

In light of this epiphany type of, I chose to make a list (and all my OCD friends sassist Amen!) of all the things I want to end up being in the remainder of the years that the great Lord provides me…

I desire to become so a lot more than materialistically successful. The ways we see success on this Earth really don’t organize much appeal to me. Money, power, ranking, etc… I have met some pretty affluent civilization in my life and also all I experienced in them was loneliness. Don’t gain me wrong, having actually money is fun! Being able to carry out for your family members is imperative. BUT, your checking account balance must not be what makes you feel totality or provides you objective. These material gains are unfortunately fleeting. As the great theologian Kristian Bush as soon as sang, “You can’t take it with you once you go, I’ve never before seen a hearse through a trailer hitch.”

I desire to become someone that collects memories and not just more stuff. When I look back on my life, I want to have actually the capacity to look earlier on memories that I have the right to cherish. Not simply things that my future youngsters are going to need to type through once I’m gone. I desire to make memories with my husband also, my kids, my parents, my siblings, my friends. Heck, I want to make memories via finish strangers. After all, strangers are simply friends we haven’t met yet. For me, making memories doesn’t have to involve some sophisticated vacation, but fairly, simply spending high quality time via the human being I organize dear. Laughing through them. Eating via them. Enjoying one another’s firm. So many kind of great moments are formed approximately a dinner table. Have you ever noticed that?!

I desire to become someone that brings joy into other people’s lives. I think this is something we deserve to all strive for. What a blessing it is to accomplish someone that just provides you feel good. Have you met someone favor that, yet? They enter your residence and also bring with them a sense a warmth and tranquility. It’s not anypoint they say or execute in particular, yet it’s more favor their whole being just lights up a room. To me, this requires working on being positive, forproviding, gracious, and type. You don’t meet many civilization that exemplify every one of these traits very frequently, yet once you do, it’s a genuine treat. Oh, how I want to be that for others.

So, I mean that is what my over analyzing mind took amethod from the quote, “Be the form of person you desire to fulfill.” Apparently, I want to become a fairly negative perchild that eats a lot and laughs often?! Seems choose a realistic goal to me.

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In all seriousness, I think it’s crucial that eextremely when in a while in our stays we take a second to take stock of that we are and that we are ending up being. Is it someone we are happy with? Are we heading in the appropriate direction? If so, great!! If not, then it is never as well late to begin over and respecify who you are by thinking around ‘that you desire to accomplish.’


Katherine KringMy name is Katherine Kring, although a lot of civilization contact me Kaile. You have the right to blame my paleas for the confmaking use of two name situation. I was born in Lincoln, NE and also increased in Minden, a tiny farming community in main Nebraska. I have actually adorably, in love parental fees and two siblings, one older brvarious other and also one younger sister. Cultivation up it was obvious that I was kind of the odd guy out. Both of my siblings are incredibly blonde, athletic and competitive...and then there"s me. I reap singing, theater, speech, creating, and reading. And unfortunately, carry out not have actually blonde hair. After high institution, I ventured off to the huge city of Omaha, NE where my, then boyfrifinish, was stationed with the Airforce (He is now my Airforce husband and also I have given that adhered to him to Ohio.) I attfinished Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and also Allied Health in Omaha and also pursued a career in Respiratory Care. I now get to have the initials RRT after my name bereason I am officially a Registered Respiratory Therapist. My hubby and also I live in Ohio via our 2 crazy, hyper dogs. We love to binge watch netflix, go antiquing, and take a trip. I also love my Lord, Jesus Christ and also enjoy attfinishing our church and analysis my bible.