Image Credit: Before the Door PicturesRobinhood announced today it has launched crypto trading in Florida.

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Because if there’s a place where people are really good at making life and electoral decisions, the retirement communities of the Sunshine State should absolutely be empowered to buy/sell digital assets that no one anywhere else really seems to understand.

The New York Times had an article yesterday on how the big banks have seemingly done a 180° and are now embracing trading crypto:

Some Bitcoin enthusiasts have said that its increasing integration into the existing financial system has pulled it away from its founding ideals. Paul Chou, a former trader at Goldman Sachs who set up LedgerX, a regulated Bitcoin exchange that would compete with Intercontinental Exchange, said his company has made a point of focusing on large Bitcoin holders, rather than financial institutions.

The reason we got into crypto was not to partner with a bank, but to replace them,’ Mr. Chou said, using the shorthand for cryptocurrencies. ‘We deal with crypto holders directly in a way that really takes advantage of Bitcoin’s strengths, while avoiding brokers, banks and other institutions that take multiple cuts of the transaction.’

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In the last year, I’ve come to love the screenplay to Margin Call (2011).

In arguably the best scene in a very good film, CEO John Tuld (Jeremy Irons) reminds Jared Cohen (Simon Baker) of Tuld’s credo:

What have I told you since the first day you walked into my office? (pause) That there are three ways to make a living in this business: be first, be smarter, or cheat. Well, I don’t cheat, and even though I like to think we have got some pretty smart people in this building of the two remaining options, it sure is a hell of a lot easier to just be first.

Well, banks have a track record of cheating, and it’s unlikely anyone from Goldman or JPMorgan wrote the Bitcoin white paper so maybe they’re not smarter in this category.

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So, right now, it’s all a race to not be the bank that finishes in second place, even if that means that along the way banks, as a whole, as not going to finish in first place.