Batmale the Killing Joke Value?Never before been read no spine anxiety. maintained in plastic through acid totally free board. No crinkles, wrinkles, discoloration, I can"t find any type of flaws at except slight dent that have to have been tright here all along. Glossy end up is good. Had out of plastic to take photos just. First print.Editor"s reply: The prices for this type of Batguy comic book TPC (trade paperback) have raised steadily. You"d have to gain this graded by CGC to obtain the ideal return from it.The ding is unfortunate. It may restrict the grade to 9.2, 9.4, probably 9.6. In that grade, your book is worth between $50 and also $75. You"d desire to be certain of a 9.8 to make it worth grading. Check the present sector values here.Thanks for writing, that"s a timeless book.

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