The tearing ameans of an attached or anchored tissue, as in the avulsion of a muscle from its insertion in bone—e.g., an avulsion fracture in which bone continues to be attached to the put muscle, yet loses its attachment to neighboring bone.

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1. A tearing amethod forcibly of a part or framework. If surgical repair is necessary, a sterile dressing might be used while surgical procedure is awaited. Avulsed fingers, toes, limbs or various other separated tworry need to be reextended if feasible.

2. The complete separation of a tooth from its alveolus, which under appropriate conditions might be reimplanted. The term typically describes dental injuries resulting from acute trauma. Synonym: evulsion See: illustration


Forcible tearing off, or separation, of component of the body normally in the course of significant injury. From the Latin avulsio , to sepaprice by force.
The forcible separation of 2 parts, or tearing ameans of a part or of an body organ. Examples: avulsion of the retina at the ora serrata; avulsion of the eyelid at its insertion.
Tearing ameans, forcible separation, or finish displacement of a tooth from the alveolar bone. Compare: evulsion
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Documents revealed that 70.6% of the respondents did not have actually prior understanding of tooth avulsion. The dentist was the resource of indevelopment to 29.4% of those that had actually previous understanding.
We did not uncover any kind of considerable association between levator ani avulsion, as diagnosed on ultrasound, and also PR (p=0.474).
Is pelvic floor morphology a predictor of successful pessary retention? Initial research and review of the literature
Latissimus dorsi avulsion, through coupled teres significant injury, in a experienced football goalkeeper: instance report
Bogunovic etal systematic testimonial proved no benefit of suture over screw fixation in terms of clinical outcome4.Our research evaluated the clinical outcome of open reduction and screw fixation of anterior cruciate ligament avulsion injuries in 30 army soldiers.
In retrospect, the dancer-patient in this research displayed signs of chronic hamstring "tug" that she did not fully appreciate or understand also until they culminated in the avulsion fracture.
The distinction can be attributed to a higher ubiquity of certain dental actions such as object biting and thumb sucking in ASD precollege kids.5 These oral habits may transform the occlusion and also facial pattern of the ASD children and also bring about anterior open bite and also boosted overjet; making all the anterior teeth even more susceptible to TDIs.6 In this research, luxation injuries and tooth avulsions were even more prevalent in the SG than the CG, a finding that underscores the require for extra investigations.
Awareness of dentists regarding immediate administration of dental avulsion: Knowledge, Attitude, and also Practice study
Because optic nerve avulsion is typically accompanied by vitreous hemorrhage, diagnosis by ophthalmoscopic examination is not always possible in the acute phase.
Varon, "Occult traumatic avulsion of an ovarian dermoid cyst," The Amerideserve to Journal of Emergency Medicine, vol.
Hopeful Seatbelt Sign through Avulsed Leiomyoma adhering to Motor Vehicle Accident Leading to Hemoperitoneum
He was diagnosed via a disput tibial tubercle avulsion fracture with proximal expansion into the knee joint (Ogden form IIIB), as well as a patellar tendon avulsion.
Contralateral C7 nerve root transfers to the radial nerve as therapy for total brachial plexus root avulsion injury (in Chinese).

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