S2 E11 - Crabs in a BarrelSometimes you gotta go wright here the money goes. But it be feeling favor something is holding me ago. Like I can t leave.NR | 05.15.2018

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S2 E10 - FubuY all youngins don t know nopoint around this. This one takes me earlier to middle college. Shout out Miller Grove!NR | 05.08.2018

S2 E9 - North of the BorderWe could need to make that move tonight. I heard tright here s a pajama party and Paper Boi is gonna be tbelow.NR | 05.01.2018

S2 E8 - WoodsWhy Paper Boi constantly obtained an attitude? He rich, right? That s why I deserve to t feel negative for these celebrities.NR | 04.24.2018
S1 E6 - ValueWhen Jayde an old friend of Van s concerns tvery own, the womales fulfill for dinner. Van is conveniently put on the defensive due to the affluent woguy s jet establishing way of life, and the reality that she passive aggressively lauds her success and also sophistication over her. While both womales attempt to obtain along, it s becomes clear they have unreaddressed tension in between them... a lot of which revolves about Jayde s assertion that Van doesn t recognize or respect her own value.NR | 04.22.2018
S1 E5 - Nobody beats the BiebsPaper Boi participates in a celebrity basketball game for charity, however he s frustrated by the arrival of a rival rapper that steals his spotlight and gets under his skin... leading him to screen some uncharitable actions. But he also gets some handy career advice in the procedure.NR | 04.22.2018
S1 E4 - The Streisand also EffectOutside a club, Earn, Alfred and also Darius are approached by Zan, a self proasserted social media star who recognizes Paper Boi and appears to be a fan of the climbing rapper. The following day, the trio discovers that Zan is bit more than an internet troll albeit a well-known one who has started Tweeting smack around Paper Boi and posting unflattering Vine videos. Regardless of Earn s assertion that engaging Zan digital will certainly just make matters worse, Alfred is unable to ignore the slams against his music, which get inc...NR | 04.22.2018
S2 E7 - Champagne PapiYeah girl, we gonna party tonight! But if you don t write-up around it, did it really happen?NR | 04.17.2018
S2 E3 - Money Bag ShawtyEarn is out right here making that money. Too poor he still look broke as hell. This totality city runs on stunting, you feel me?NR | 04.13.2018
S2 E2 - Sportin' WavesTrappin ain t straightforward, ya dig? Shout out to all my crmodify card scammers in the club tonight.NR | 04.06.2018
S1 E9 - JuneteenthVan brings Earn to a "Juneteenth" party at the residence of a wealthy acquaintance, yet he is much less than enthusiastic at the "emancipation" design template or the snobby nature of the bi racial hold couple, and their guests. Van thinks the event can be a stepping rock to a new job, yet it will require Earn playing his part as a dutiful "husband," and he finds pretending to be somepoint he s not namely affluent and also successful to be more trying than supposed. Regardless, he does his finest and also as the evening progresse...NR | 04.05.2018
S1 E10 - The JacketEarn wakes up in a strange residence, the site of which was an out of manage party the night before, but his only problem at the moment is finding his missing jacket... and also somepoint of value that was in a pocket. As he retraces his steps he eventually locates the misinserted apparel, but the journey to gain it ago is knocked off course by events past his manage, which make the prospect of ever before reclaiming his home seem much less and less most likely.NR | 04.03.2018
S2 E5 - BarbershopYou understand how you require a fresh cut however your barber is always on some wack stuff? He s lucky I only trust him.NR | 04.03.2018
S2 E4 - HelenWhen you go external the city white human being be acting various. That s why I have the right to t also go to Marietta. Too weird.NR | 04.03.2018
S2 E1 - Alligator ManAyyy! We back in the city however thangs feel a little different. Must be Robbin Seakid. Free Paper Boi!NR | 04.03.2018
S1 E8 - The ClubVan brings Earn to a "Juneteenth" party at the house of a affluent acquaintance, yet he is less than enthusiastic at the "emancipation" template or the snobby nature of the bi racial hold couple, and their guests. Van thinks the occasion can be a stepping rock to a new project, but it will require Earn playing his part as a dutiful "husband," and he finds pretending to be something he s not namely well-off and effective to be more trying than supposed.NR | 04.01.2018
S1 E7 - B.a.n.Welpertained to BAN, the Babsence Amerihave the right to Network, and also its talk present Montague. Host Franklin Montague introduces the topic of the prospering outlook of accepted sexuality and also its impacts on black youth and also society via one-of-a-kind guests Dr. Debrah Holt, head of the Center of Trans Amerideserve to Issues, and also rapper, Paper Boi. When Montague and also Dr. Holt emphasis their attention on homophobia and transphobia in the rap area in basic, they clearly collection out to paint Paper Boi as the negative guy. While he is even more pertained to w...NR | 04.01.2018
S1 E3 - Go for BrokeHaving invested the last of his money to gain Paper Boi s song played on the radio, Earn is broke, and also he s a little bit troubresulted in learn that despite his current rap success, his cousin Alfred is still making a living dealing drugs. At the same time, Earn tries to smooth points over through Van by inviting her out on a date.NR | 04.01.2018

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S1 E2 - Streets on LockIn the wake of the shooting, Earn and Alfred (aka Paper Boi) are arrested; while Alfred is released on bond, Earn stays in holding while he waits to be processed. Back on the roadways, Paper Boi finds that his arrest has made the news. While it is doing wonders for his song s airplay, his street cred, and also his thuggish, rapper s reputation, he soon discovers the boosted attention has its downside as well.NR | 04.01.2018