Here are 2 examples from a computer system book that are provided ideal on the exact same page (to be more certain, the examples come from this book: Access 2013: The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonald):

The logo design is a tiny image that typically sits in the top-left corner of a report, beside the title.

A bit later on that web page it says:

The logo and title generally sit at the top of your report.

I was taught that you have to constantly say at the top-left edge of something, but in the first of the two examples the author, as you have the right to see, says in the top-left edge of. Do you think his English tbelow is completely fine? Maybe, his option of words has actually something to carry out through the fact that tbelow is some type of spatial implication that the point he"s talking around is contained within limits rather than at a certain suggest as is the instance with the at variation (the corner of something can be thought of as a suggest and also for points we commonly use at)?

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Brief answer: Words "in" is idiomatic via corner, so I watch nopoint wrong through the author"s wording.

Longer answer:

I was taught that you must say at the top-right edge of something

I don"t understand where you learned that, however always be cynical of a simple preeminence that constantly tnlinux.orgs you which preplace is ideal – especially if you think any other preposition would certainly be wrong. These bit words are more functional than a gymnast!

Even without the word corner, I think I choose in over at or to, although namong these seem "incorrect":

The logo is a tiny image that sits in the optimal left. The logo design is a tiny image that sits at the peak left. The logo design is a tiny image that sits to the top left.

The only 100% precise, hard-and-fast rule is that tbelow is no 100% accurate, hard-and-rapid preeminence. I deserve to use several prepositions to accurately define the places in this picture:


The logo goes at the optimal leftThe website name goes at the optimal beneath the logoThe website branding goes in the center at the topThe site utilities go in the top-right cornerThe navigation bar goes below the header and above the bodyThe section navigating goes in the body to the left

However before, these are okay, too:

The logo design goes on peak and also to the leftThe website name goes in the header below the logoThe site branding goes in the middle above the navigation barThe site utilities go at the top and to the rightThe navigating bar goes between the header and also the bodyThe section navigating goes at the left of the body