Don't remain at the egde of the structure. It's also high, if you loss down, you might die.

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Don't continue to be on the edge of the structure. It's also high, if you fall dvery own, you can diem


As /u/linguisticstuff said, either variation works.

To me, personally, I would certainly think about "on the edge" to intend that the person is literally on the edge of the structure. The other version, "at the edge" would certainly be more choose the perchild is exceptionally close to the edge of the building, but not necessarily ideal on the edge of the building. Again, this is a personal interpretation and either version of the sentence indicates essentially the same thing: that a perchild is exceptionally close to the edge.

In an easy, declarative statement, you can use either preposition and still be correct.

He is standing on the edge of the cliff. He is standing at the edge of the cliff.

'On the edge' may likewise be offered as an idiom meaning to behave in a dangerous way or be in a instance of some sort of risk, while 'at the edge' has actually no idiomatic expression linked through it that I am conscious of.

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The man rock climbs without protective devices. He's living life on the edge.

Hope this helps you!

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Thanks a bunch!

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