I know there is this idiomatic expression "at a loss for words", but how execute you use is for something other than "words"?

"I was at a loss for what to perform."


"I was at a loss of what to perform."

I"m not certain if even either one is correct, though. Can you use "at a loss..." for somepoint other than words?

Also, what is the distinction between the sentences below?

"I"m shed at what to perform."


"I"m shed on what to execute."


Maybe "I'm at a loss about what to do" or "I'm at a loss as to what to do". The last 2 sentences you ask about differ just in at & on: they're both unnatural & not idiomatic English.
The "regarding what to do"? answer appears symptomatic of a propensity that plagues composing now - to pack prose via unnecessary prepositions.
This is a space wright here intake has gradually changed. Historically, the choice was not to use any type of preposition at all in between at a loss and what to do. But progressively world currently insert among miscnlinux.organeous choices consisting of as to, for, over, regarding, to know, and so on And if this NGram is to be believed, the initially of those is currently the most common create...

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There"s no grammatical dominance connected right here - simply idiomatic "custom and practice". Personally, I do not find any of OP"s said of, at, or on acceptable, yet all the choices graphed above seem at leastern "credible" to me (though choose most world, I would normally use as to in this exact context).


Your sentence is equivalent to "I am at a loss what to do following." In your case, you should say "I was at a loss what to carry out."


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