I was just wondering, just how deserve to we identify "are you done?" and also "have you done?", andwhat is the appropriate means to usage each?



Sorry to step in, yet this question puzzles me as well... just as a issue of clarification, have the right to we say that 'are you done?' is equivalent to 'have you finished?' however the first one is generally adhered to by with + noun or -ing create, and also the second by object or ing form? Thank you in advance!
"Are you done" asks about whether you have finiburned somepoint that you have began. "Have you done" additionally asks if you have finished, but whether you have actually even started is unparticular.

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("Are you done" can likewise be used in a "correcting" or "accusatory" way, wbelow the asker knows complete well you haven"t began and also that is the allude he is trying to make. But that is not the normal situation.)


When asking "Have you done?", you are asking if the perboy did somepoint in the past which could proceed to the present or have some ramifications to the current.

"Are you done?", on the other hand also, actually means "have you finished?". That is, you are asking if the perboy completed the action began in the previous (even though such activity may likewise have actually effects to the present).

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"Are you done" is offered once asking a perchild if he or she has actually finished doing something. The thing that is being done is well-known.

Are you done through washing the toilet?

"Have you done" is asked once the point being done is not known, and also the perkid is inquiring regarding what the point is.

What exactly have actually you done to my car?

So, if you want to ask if someone has actually finimelted doing somepoint, used "are you done?", or "have you finished?" , but not "have you done?"

Use "have actually you done" when asking around something that has happened, and also you do not understand. e.g. What have you done to him?

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