The leafprefer framework of a seaweed that offers most of the surchallenge area for photosynthesis is dubbed the _____.

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blade (Since seaweeds don't have a vascular device to transport nutrients, just about all components of a seaweed conduct photosynthesis, not simply the blade. For terrestrial plants via leaves, the flattened percent of a typical leaf is additionally called the blade.),
The stemfavor framework of a seaweed is dubbed the _____.stipe,
A(n) _____ is a unicellular photoartificial alga with a distinct, glassy, cell wall containing silica.diatom,
_____ are short cellular appenderas specialized for locomovement, formed from a core of nine external doublet microtubules and 2 inner single microtubules ensheathed in an extension of the plasma membrane.Cilia,
An organism that is qualified of both photosynthesis and also heterotrophy is referred to as a(n) _____.mixotroph
A(n) _____ is a single mass of cytoplasm containing many diploid nuclei that develops in the time of the life cycle of some slime molds.plasmodium,
A(n) ____ is an aquatic protist that secretes a hardened shell containing calcium carbonate and exhas a tendency pseudopodia via pores in the shell.foraminiferan (a.k.a. - foram): Notice the image on the left of the calcium carbonate shell via the numerous pores where the pseudopods come out from the shell (check out picture of threadprefer pseudopods coming out from a live foram on the left). Foram skeleloads make up a significant part of the marine sediment as they sink to the bottom of the ocean.,
Under the old 5 kingdom mechanism, the ____ kingdom consisted of all eukaryotic organisms that couldn't be classified as plants, pets, or fungi. Under the new 3 doprimary system, advancements in molecular biology have actually made scientists realize that _____ need to actually be damaged dvery own into several kingdoms via some possibly being inserted ago right into the plant, animal or fungal kingdoms. As such, _____ is a casual term provided to explain mostly unicellular organisms that are not plants, animals, or fungi.protist (the answer for all of the blanks)
All ____ are parasites of animals. They spreview through tiny infectious cells dubbed sporozoites. Plamodium, the parawebsite that causes malaria, is an example.apicomplexans
Diplomonads and parabasalids have modified ______.mitochondria (Their mitochondria lack their own DNA, don't have electron transfer systems, or enzymes that are generally necessary for the citric acid cycle)
______ is a type of diplomonad that causes major diarrhea and also is regularly picked up by drinking untreated water from rivers or lakes contaminated with feces containing the parasite in the dormant cyst phase.Giardia (This is regularly the cause of sickness on camping trips when water is not filtered or boiled.)
What kind of protist is pictured below?, A diatom,
A(n) ______ is a protist such as a water mold, white rust, or downy mildew, that acquires nutrition largely as a decomposer or plant parawebsite.oomycete
A form of protozoan that moves by means of cilia is dubbed a(n) _____.ciliate (The paramecium in the image below is a timeless instance of a ciliate. If you look closely, you deserve to make out the tiny hairprefer cilia.),
The protozoan pictured below is a(n) ______., paramecium,
Protists that are animal-choose in that they capture and also consume food are called _______.protozoans
The mutualistic collective created by the symbiotic association in between a fungus and also a photoman-made alga is called a(n) _____.lichen (The image listed below mirrors different species of lichens encrusted on a rock. Other kinds of lichens are uncovered on the bark of trees. Instead of making use of a photoartificial alga, some lichens usage cyanobacteria for their photofabricated component.),
A(n) ______ is a unicellular photofabricated alga via 2 flagella located in perpendicular grooves in cellushed plates covering the cell.dinoflagellate (The alga that reasons red tide is a dinoflagellate. Some dinoflagellates are bioluminscent which implies that they can glow in the dark.),
A(n) ______ is a protist, typically marine, via a shell mostly made of silica and also pseudopodia that radiate from the main body.radiolarian,
The procedure through which ciliates exadjust haploid micronuclei is called _____.conjugation (This is the very same name provided to the procedure in prokaryotes in which DNA is transferred from one bacterium to an additional by means of a lengthy pilus.)
A protist defined by an anterior pocket, or chamber, from which one or 2 flagella arise is dubbed a(n) _____.euglenid (The euglena pictured below is a classic instance. Many euglenids are photosynthetic yet can switch to a heterotrophic mode of food acquisition once light is unobtainable.),
The protist pictured listed below is referred to as a(n) _____., euglena (a prevalent freshwater alga),
Photosynthetic protists are commonly called _____ and also can be either unicellular or multicellular.algae
A membranous sac created by phagocytosis is dubbed a(n) vacuole,
The tiny infectious apicomplexan cell that spreads disease is referred to as the _____.sporozoite
Algae and photofabricated bacteria that drift passively in the pelagic zamong an aquatic setting are referred to as ____.phytoplankton
The cross area presented below shows the typical "9+2" structure of eukaryotic _____ and _____.,
cilia, flagella,
A brief cellular appendage specialized for locomovement, developed from a core of nine external doublet microtubules and 2 inner single microtubules ensheathed in an extension of plasma membrane.cilium (The plural is cilia. The crucial word here is short. Otherwise it could be a flagellum)
A type of protozoan identified by good versatility and also the existence of pseudopodia is called a(n) _____.Amoeba,
_______ are cellular extensions of amoeboid kind cells offered in moving and feeding.Pseudopodia,
A protist that has actually modified mitochondria, two equal-sized nuclei, and also multiple flagella is called a(n) ______.diplomonad (Giardia intestinalis is a types classified as a diplomonad.)
The many common form of multicellular seaweeds, including kelp, are classified as _____ algae.brvery own (The giant kelp in this kelp "forest" are brvery own aglae.),
A(n) is a form of protist that has unicellular amoeboid cells and multicellular reproductive bodies in its life cycle.cellular slime mold (Cellular slime molds are different from plasmodial slime mold in that the big accumulation retains cell membranes in in between the cells that have come together. Also, just the zygote is diploid and also there are no flagellated steras.),
The term _____ describes mainly microscopic organisms that drift passively or swim weakly close to the surface of seas, ponds, and also lakes.plankton (Some larger organisms such as multicellular floating seaweed, the majority of jellyfish, and the Mola Mola fish are classified as plankton also. The fish is classified as plankton bereason it is not a solid enough swimmer to swim versus sea currental fees.)
The kind of protists that are thought to have actually given increase to true plants are dubbed algae
A process in eukaryotic evolution in which a heterotrophic eukaryotic cell engulfed a photoman-made eukaryotic cell, which endured in a symbiotic partnership inside the heterotrophic cell.additional endosymbiosis,
A(n) ______ is a form of protist that consists of a solitary, huge mitochondrion that has an arranged mass of DNA referred to as a _____.kinetoplastid, kinetoplast,
A seaweed's body is referred to as a ____ bereason it lacks "true" roots, stems, and also leaves.thallus,
Letter "A" in the picture below refers to the ____ of a seaweed., blade,
Letter "B" in the picture listed below describes the ____ of a seaweed., float,
Letter "C" in the image below describes the ____ of a seaweed., stipe,
Letter "D" in the photo below describes the ____ of a seaweed., holdrapid,
The ____ is the term that refers to the hardened shell of some protists, including forams and also radiolarians, or the rigid endoskeleton of a sea urchin or sand also dollar.test,
______ are photoman-made marine protists that consists of the accessory pigment phycoerythrin.Red algae
The rootlike structure that anchors seaweed is dubbed the ______.holdfast,
Trichomonas vaginalis is a form of Parabasalid protist through modified mitochondria that is a common inhabitant of the _______.huguy vagina (This flagellated protist have the right to acquire a foothost in the vagina as soon as the normal pH is disturbed, permitting it to outcompete other favorable microbes that inhalittle the vagina.)
Euglenozoans are distinctive in that they have a rod of unwell-known attribute in their _______. The two finest recognized types of euglenozoans are kinetoplastids with their single large mitochondrion and the euglenids which include euglenas.flagella,
Kinetoplastids in the genus _______ cause Afrihave the right to resting sickness and Chagas' condition.Trypanosoma
The clade of protists referred to as the alveolates are characterized by ________ just underneath the plasma membrane. This clade includes the dinoflagellates, the parasitic apicomplexans, and also the ciliates.membrane-bounded sacs
Algal blooms of certain forms of dinoflagellates cause a phenomenon referred to as ______ in which toxins developed by these algae reason substantial fish tide,
An explosive development in the populace of algae is recognized as a(n) ________.algal bloom
Red tide is caused by a neurotoxin released by a kind of ________., dinoflagellate,
___________ dinoflagellates glow in the water choose fireflies when disturbed., Bioluminescent (You can regularly check out this at night if you are on a boat out at view looking out at the wake left by the boat's propeller.)
The widespread name for the chrysophytes is algae
Golden algae are likewise referred to as the _______.chrysophytes
The common name for the phaeophytes is ________.brvery own algae (The life cycle of a type of brvery own alga is shown listed below.),
Brvery own algae are also referred to as the _______.phaeophytes (The life cycle of a type of brown alga is shown listed below.),
The biggest and most facility of the algae are the _______. All are multicellular and a lot of are marine.brvery own algae (phaeophytes) -- Include the large kelp which have the right to thrive as lengthy as 60 meters.,
The gel-creating substances in the cell walls of algae encompass ______ from brvery own algae, and also _____ and also _____ from red algae. They are supplied in many food products prefer pudding, ice cream and also salad dressing as thickening agents.algin, agar, carrageenan
In altercountry of generation life cycles, the two generations are ______ if the sporophyte and gametophyte are structurally different from each various other.heteromorphic,
In alternation of generation life cycles, the two generations are ______ if the sporophyte and also gametophyte are structurally equivalent to each various other (though they differ in chromosome number)..isomorphic
One form of entamoeba is a parawebsite that causes _______ which causes people to obtain life-threatening diarrhea from drinking contaminated water.amebic dysentery (This is the third leading reason of death as a result of parasites after malaria and also schistosomiasis.)
The common name for the rhodophytes is algae
The _______ presented listed below is an instance of a colonial organism, definition that it is a colony of individual cells that job-related together., Volvox,
Red algae are additionally known as the _______.

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Green algae are divided right into two main teams, the ______ and the _____.chlorophytes, charophyceans
The protist pictured below is a(n) _____., amoeba,
What is "A" in the photo of this euglena below?, flagellum,
What is "B" in the photo of this euglena below?, eyespot (Along via the light detector, the eyespot helps the euglena stay near the surface so it have the right to photosynthedimension.),
What is "C" in the image of this euglena below?, light detector (Alengthy with the eyespot, the light detector helps the euglena stay close to the surconfront so it deserve to photosynthedimension.),
What is "D" in the photo of this euglena below?, contractile vacuole (used to eliminate water that is continually entering the cell in the freshwater hypotonic environment),
What is "E" in the image of this euglena below?, nucleus,
What is "F" in the image of this euglena below?, chloroplast,
What is "A" in the picture of this paramecium below?, cilia,
What is "B" in the photo of this paramecium below?, food vacuoles,
What is "C" in the photo of this paramecium below?, oral groove,
What is "D" in the photo of this paramecium below?, gullet,
What is "E" in the picture of this paramecium below?, micronucleus ,
What is "F" in the picture of this paramecium below?, macronucleus ,
What is "G" in the image of this paramecium below?, contractile vacuole (Contracts to squeeze water out of the cell so that it doesn't explode as a result of being in the freshwater hypotonic atmosphere.),