If you’re a fan of gorgeous nail art, yet not acrylic, then NexGen nails are the answer to your prayers! You simply have to dip your nails right into a one-of-a-kind powder to get a gorgeous manicure!

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You can say, the preparation procedure is one of the downsides to this nail style device. It takes time, and also uncomfortable for many.

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While eextremely manicure and pedicure have to be properly prepped prior to anypoint else, here’s exactly how the nail technician prepares your nails:

Sanitize the hands firstRemove the shine from the nail bed using a fine sand also bandDrill* the nail gently and also through as little bit pressure as possibleOnce done through your nail prep, form the tips of the NexGen nails making use of a nail file to take out the shineBrush the nails to clean it from any type of residueApply prep base and also base coatDip the nails in the dipping powderApply top coat

Note*: For those via sensitive cuticles or nails, the nail technician offers a cuticle pusher instead of a drill.

2. Removing the Application Takes Time

Not only is the preparation time lengthy and uncomfortable, however it additionally takes time to remove the shade. While you might remove the shade on your own, I very imply you must not.

Word on the street is, picking on it yourself can possibly make your nails thinner. Leave it to the specialists at your nail salon rather.

Because the NexGen nails continue to be as much as a month or even more, let your nail technology carry out the removing on your next nail salon visit.

If you must take treatment of it yourself for some factor, below is how:

Buff your nails and also sand also off the shine via a bufferClip your nails as brief as possibleSoak* your nails for 15 minutes in pure acetone or soak for 35 minutes in nail polish removerUse an oarray stick to scrape off continuing to be NexGen nail polishDo this aget till the application is removed

Note*: You deserve to usage cotton balls soaked in pure acetone or nail polish remover. Wrap them through aluminum foil on your fingertips so you have the right to still relocate roughly.

You must execute this as rarely as possible since pure acetone can be strong and you will certainly be buffing ameans a great portion of your nail surchallenge.

I Tried It for the First Time and also This Is My Verdict

So, I went and tried to find NexGen nails near me. Unsurprisingly, it is now commonly offered in nail salons.

Luckily, I acquired a nail technician I was straightforward via and also chatted away many of what I kbrand-new about NexGen. Now, on my brand brand-new NexGen nails, I must admit it felt weird because it was a little also thick for me.

Funnily sufficient, I still can’t aid acting favor I had actually acrylic nails on and was worried around chipping. It took a couple of days to obtain offered to a well-manicured hand able to handle daily chores.

The great solid four weeks of shine and shade on my nails walso worth it. Now, I’m off to my next NexGen nails appointment.

This video from David Hoang will show you exactly how dipping powder ombre nails are done:

The next time you visit the nail salon, you deserve to confidently ask your nail artist to hook you up with NexGen nails. Try it and also view the difference.

There are additionally various other commodities to give you the same effect as NexGen nails. You can try out various other dipping powder nail systems or SNS and find which one suits your style the many.

Whatever nail care you choose for yourself, here’s the ideal course of action: Know your nail technology and also treatment choices, and also uncover someone you can trust with your nails.

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Would you consider trying NexGen nails on your next nail salon visit? Share your thoughts with us in the comments area below!


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Editor’s Note: This short article was originally publimelted on September 19, 2016, and has actually been updated for high quality and also relevancy.