Anthony J. "Tony" Hope, boy of the late entertainer Bob Hope and also previous head of the National Indian Gaming Commission, died Monday, his sister sassist. He was 63.

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Hope passed away at his house in Washington, D.C., after a brief undisclosed disease, Linda Hope shelp from her house in Los Angeles.

His death comes nearly a year after the death of his father, that was 100 once he died of pneumonia July 27, 2003.

Tony Hope ran for Congress in 1986, seeking to fill the seat vacated by Republican Rep. Bobbi Fiedler of California. Hope was upcollection in the main by little-known Simi Valley Mayor Elton Gallegly, that went on to win the basic election.

Before his congressional bid, Hope offered on 2 presidential comobjectives under Pinhabitants Ronald Reagan and also Gerald Ford.

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President Jimmy Carter later on named him to the Government Management Improvement Council, and President George H.W. Shrub appointed him chairmale of the National Indian Gaming Commission, where he served through 5 years of the Clinton administration.




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