a perkid that suffers from insomnia, the incapability, especially as soon as chronic, to obtain adequate sleep, through challenge in falling or remaining asleep: Her husband, an insomniac, had actually at last fallen asleep at the computer system, head relaxing on the key-board.

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Here's your Latin leskid for the day: somnus in Latin suggests “sleep.” If you tack the preresolve “in-” (one more Latin word, interpretation “not”) onto it, you get a word that means “not sleep.” An insomniac, therefore, is a person that suffers from the incapacity to sleep. Once you understand the Latin root somn-, which you currently do, then you will certainly likewise acknowledge it in some connected words— somnolent, definition “sleepy, drowsy,” somniferous, definition “sleep-inducing,” and somnambulate, interpretation “to sleepwalk.” By currently, you have the right to more than likely guess that a somnambulist is a sleepwalker. Perhaps the most renowned somnambulist is Cesare, a carnival attraction in the 1920 silent film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari. We hope this story hasn’t been also somniferous—however, if it has, pleasant dreams!

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— Insomniac: An album by the punk band Environment-friendly Day, released in 1995. — Insomniac with Dave Attell: A Comedy Central tv present, organized by Dave Attell, which ran in the beforehand 2000s.


an·ti-in·som·ni·ac, adjective, noun

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What does insomniac mean?​

An insomniac is someone that experiences insomnia—the incapacity to fall asleep or continue to be asleep for an enough amount of time.

Insomnia is frequently offered casually to describe occasional sleeplessness or a single circumstances of it. But in clinical terms, insomnia commonly describes a condition entailing a chronic inability to autumn or remain asleep, interpretation the inability is persistent and prolonged—it happens all the time. People are even more likely to be referred to as (or contact themselves) insomniacs as soon as the condition is chronic.

Less frequently, insomniac have the right to be supplied as an adjective that deserve to mean having insomnia, pertained to insomnia, or resulting in insomnia.

Example: I was an insomniac for years prior to finding the right medication and also sleep regiguys.

Wbelow does insomniac come from?

The first records of insomniac come from the beforehand 1900s. Words insomnia is videotaped much earlier, in the 1600s, and also originates from the Latin insom(nis), meaning “without sleep.” This is developed from the presettle in-, in this situation definition “not,” the root somn(us), definition “sleep,” and the finishing –ia, which is supplied in the names of diseases.

Insomnia is the a lot of common sleep disorder—around a third of adults might be taken into consideration insomniacs at some point in their lives. Insomnia deserve to be acute (lasting one night to a few weeks) or chronic (three or more nights a week for three months or more). Some instances of insomnia are labeled as major, meaning they’re not caused by another medical problem. Those that are resulted in by one more clinical problem are referred to as secondary. Primary insomnia is extremely frequently resulted in by points choose stress and anxiety, transforms in sleep schedule, or an environment that’s not great for resting (prefer a room that’s as well loud or bright). For circumstances, the problem and also anxiety that can come through a significant life change have the right to reason acute primary insomnia. Secondary insomnia deserve to be resulted in by points prefer tension, depression, asthma, and also sleep apnea (a condition in which a perchild repetitively stops breapoint and starts aobtain throughout sleep).

Clinically speaking, insomnia typically refers to sleeplessness so bad that it frequently disrupts a person’s day-to-day life through troubles prefer tiredness and also incapacity to concentprice. When human being have minor difficulties in falling asleep during a single night, they might say that they’re enduring insomnia, yet it’s unmost likely that they would refer to themselves as insomniacs.

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In general, a sleep dysfeature choose insomnia is referred to as a parasomnia, and also the names of many kind of of these disorders are based upon the exact same root word, including somnambulism (sleepwalking) and hypersomnia (too much sleeping). A perboy who experiences hypersomnia deserve to be dubbed a hypersomniac.