I wanted to share through you this incarnation of my favorite deck ever before. It"s a tempo control deck in mono-white, utilizing the power of Angels and also some surpincreasing disruption choices. The song is pertinent bereason this deck does not win on pure muscle or numbers. You win by slowing your adversary dvery own and acquiring to what you require, then crushing them late game.

This is a really unique deck born of most creative reasoning ago as soon as I first went back to the hobby. I hope you reap it as much as I did, or that it inspires you to attempt somepoint unique.

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Let"s take a look at how to cross this river.

The Divine Plan

Your goal here is to slow your foe down and then put out effective Angels to seal the game up in your favor by hitting with the air. This is a deck that depends on disruption for advantage, however does so in distinctive means.

River"s Current: The Control Package

How do we manage the flow of the game? With these spells (and one exciting creature) to make certain that the at an early stage fifty percent of the game stays in your control.

Chancellor of the Annex is a stselection and potent Angel. While it is good when you have it out on the area, it"s additionally 7 CMC, so not somepoint you have the right to count on reliably being able to cast. However before, like all Chancellors, it has actually an opening hand result, and also this one serves our function well. Have among these in your opening hand and also your foe has to play approximately a 1-mana taxes on their initially spell of the game. That doesn"t seem favor a lot however it have the right to really make a big distinction in a game where transforms unfold in a highly-measured formula for success. Later, once you actually have the Chancellor on the area, she starts to make it challenging for your foe to respond, and also if you have actually multiple, well, you"ve type of won the game.

Mana Tithe is a card that no one expects. Many players do not even seem to know the card exists: "Have you ever heard of a 1-mana white counterspell?" Aacquire, in Modern, when you"re measuring the game by strict transforms and what you desire to accomplish, having a spell countered in those initially few critical transforms is vital. Even just taxing someone the extra 1 could suppose the difference between 2 spells in a rotate and just one, which you deserve to then attend to afterward.

Lapse of Certainty is additionally really a lot better than it looks. Sure, your opponent gets the card back next rotate, but wbelow this is really potent is if you understand they should draw somepoint else. Your foe stuck on lands and really needing to draw one? Cast this to get somepoint they don"t require best earlier on height. The goal is to gum up the works, and just putting one of their less beneficial cards best ago on top is good, or it have the right to buy you an important rotate to obtain to a solution while learning what"s coming.

Speaking of buying time, let"s discuss Silence. This card is traditionally offered in combo decks, true, but its applications are far more functional than that. I even once approached SaffronOlive about this and also he said he"d never before believed about making use of the card this method, and that he chosen the concept, that it had potential. Since Silence can carry out many things. It can make sure that you"re going to acquire another spell off in a rotate by denying your adversaries interaction. But it"s likewise incredibly potent versus aggro, especially. Think around it: usage this on your opponent"s upsave and also that"s no creature spells for the rotate, unless they all have actually flash and also he casts them in response.

In fact, it disrupts many gameplans. Sure, the foe have the right to respond at immediate speed, yet you"re forcing their hand for 1 mana: Do whatever throughout upstore or cast nothing this turn. In the initially few turns of the game, a Silence provided offensively throughout your opponent"s upsave can be excellent for slowing them dvery own, which you need to execute. In conjunction via these other regulate cards, you have the right to buy yourself the majority of breapoint room.

Rebuff the Wicked is here largely to prevent the enemy from easily dousing your essential pieces. For 1 mana, being able to safeguard your Amulet, Angelic Arbiter, or Countless Horizons is pretty nice.

Finally, we have Austere Command. Isn"t this card as well slow-moving for Modern? Well, your totality deck is designed to slow the foe down, and its adaptability makes this card worth consideration. It"s conveniently subbed out for Wrath of God or Cleansing Nova if you require somepoint quicker, but you deserve to likewise make Austere Command fairly one-sided. All your creatures are 4+, so you deserve to blow up all their creatures and leave yours untouched, while going after artifacts or enchantments (whichever you"d rather not lose, or don"t have on the field). With Avacyn out guarding your stuff, it"s totally one-sided.

Sunlight Over the Horizon

Limitless Horizons is a really exciting card with some fun card advantage potential. Some folks shy away from it as a result of it being "riskies," but you"re not looking to empty eextremely Plains out of your library (though as we"ll see below, also that is a good concept in some situations). Normally, you pull 3-5 Plains via this card, thinning your library and also guaranteeing a land drop till the enchantment is damaged or runs out of fuel. You"re basically gaining to attract an extra card each rotate and also guarantee one is a land also.

If you"re casting this, you"re currently at 4 lands, at leastern, which linked via Quicksilver Amulet means you deserve to possibly gain out any creature in your deck, so you"re not precisely hosed even if it gets blown up. And if you"re at 6-7 lands due to slowing dvery own the game sufficient to make it through correctly, well, heck, take out eincredibly Plains you have! You don"t must concern about it after that point; if Endless Horizons remains out, excellent, it"s a nice bonus, yet you"re illustration basically all organization at that suggest. Card benefit, indeed.

In a lot of cases, pulling 3-5 Plains from your library isn"t really any type of threat, and perhaps grants you the majority of card benefit.

Like a Flash of Quicksilver

Quicksilver Amulet serves two essential objectives here: It can cheat out big creatures, and it also lets you actors them at prompt rate. This is helpful in many ways, but combos through Sunblast Angel especially well.

Your opponent swings in via all their creatures, however you have actually 4 mana up. You Quicksilver out a Sunblast Angel and also move their attackers. Awesome!

But what if your enemy does not swing in via everything? Also great! That means you"re slowing them dvery own, disrupting their setup, making them hold back out of fear of playing into a wrath.

The capability to put out Iona, Shield of Emeria turn 5 can simply outbest win you games. Against mono-shade decks, it"s the death knell. Even against multishade, if you understand the most dangerous shade (the one that deserve to perhaps eliminate Iona, say!), you deserve to shut that dvery own and still have actually the advantage of a 7/7 flyer via that godprefer power.

Flash in Avacyn, Angel of Hope to make a profession favorable, successfully counter a devastation spell (also a board-wide spell), or on your opponent"s end action to have an 8/8 flying vigilant indestructible attacker following turn.

You can also use it for some tricky plays through Angelic Arbiter. Your adversary actors a spell this revolve to buff all their creatures? Cool. Flash in Arbiter and also they can not strike. With her hovering over the battlefield, your enemies have the right to either attack or cast spells, yet not both!


Speaking of Angels....

Radiance of the Morning Sun: The Angels

What execute we perform to win the enhance through so few creatures? We make them count. Each of these Angels has actually some power that is exceptionally valuable to our gamesetup.

Chancellor of the Annex is right here to slow your opponent"s casting. Later in the game, if you flash some of these out through the Amulet, having a Mana Tithe (or also a Mana Leak!) on each of their spells is fairly the drainpipe.

Angelic Arbiter is an additional card that is incredibly expensive, but once she"s out, she has actually a surprisingly disruptive result. The opponents have the right to attack or actors, but not both. With the capacity to possibly flash her out, you have the right to save your foe guessing and hamper their exceptionally decision-making, much much less the actual outcomes of those decisions!

Sunblast Angel is part wrath, component flying body. She functions specifically well via Quicksilver Amulet yet likewise as a response to an assault in basic. Your adversary might begin committing less to their assaults if they fear that they"ll lose out a lot on them, which is exactly what you want.

Akroma, Angel of Wrath is here to do pure aggro work. She is scary and also gives you many press immediately.

Avacyn, Angel of Hope is below partly bereason it"s my favorite card in Magic and because she"s just a beatstick. She makes all your stuff indestructible, so you have actually much less worry around Endless Horizons or your lands obtaining targeted. She likewise provides so you can wrath away without hurting your very own stuff. If you need a specialty answer, she"s additionally an excellent side-out taracquire.

Iona, Shield of Emeria. I mean, what have the right to I say? This power is godchoose. Against mono- or dual-shade decks, she"s almost a guaranteed win. Even against something colormuch less, favor Eldrazi, she"s a 7/7 flyer game 1, and also then a good target for sideboarding out in game 2 and also past.

And that art. Seriously. Jakid Chan is also godchoose.

Across the River: Lands

Your land base is simple: Plains-heavy, via Emeria, The Sky Ruin to make your creatures difficult to put down if the game goes late...and also your deck is designed to make it go late! A copy of Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx is tbelow because as soon as you have a pair creatures, it does provide you a huge amount of mana, yet by that allude, you probably do not require it. Still, it does offer you an extra option after you"ve cheated out somepoint significant.

River Forks: The Sideboard

This deck is intended to specialize with sensible sideboarding, making use of eexceptionally bit of white"s flexibility and also vital answers.

Path to Exile if you discover potent creatures acquiring via to you before you deserve to wrath them.

Leyline of Sanctity is tbelow to obtain discard and also burn off your earlier until you have the right to obtain your shutdown pieces in play.

Wrath of God is tright here to rearea Austere Command also if your slowdown isn"t working sufficient.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence deserve to hose whole deck tactics by herself if require be.

Field of Ruin can rearea some Plains if you have to taracquire lands.

Stony Silence shuts off your own amulet, but is mostly more of a hoser for your enemies.

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben adds to the slowdown for spell-hefty decks.


Fare Thee Well!

Thank you for coming alengthy for the ride. If you have any kind of input for exactly how to make this deck better, while maintaining the basic idea, please share it. I"m far from the just Angel lover in Magic, and your input could help someone else realize a deck that they love as much I"ve loved playing this one via all its incarcountries.

And tbelow have actually been many type of of those! At one allude, I had actually lots of different legendary Angels in it via the goal being to obtain the one that answered your opponent"s strategy, and also cheated them out (mainly W, through some RG in the deck as well) using Amulet, while making use of Sacred Foundry and also Temple Garden for thematically-fitting and mechanically-pertinent Plains duals. Other versions were even more aggro-based, utilizing Baneslayer Angel to sindicate outmuscle the enemy.

As I shelp at the outset, this principle, tempo manage plus Angels, is my favorite by much in the game. This deck is distinct to me because when I returned to the game after experimenting through it during my teenage years, this is the one I put together after months of research, planning, and reasoning around exactly how to make somepoint flavorful and distinctive.

I hope you gain the principle as much as I carry out, and also by all suggests, if you have the right to aid one more player customize this point right into somepoint truly powerful, please do!

After all...

The hands of many type of should join as one, and together we"ll cross the river.

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Update: Looking for Playtesters

Anyone who can develop and run this deck, I"d love to gather some thoughts on it from other world that play it. If you would be so sort regarding build it and attempt it out, and also let me recognize just how it goes, any kind of transforms you made, wbelow you succeeded/failed, and so on., that"d be invaluable information for me.