Which of the complying with statements best defines the cloud?A) The cloud is the elastic leasing of pooled computer system resources over the Web.B) The cloud is a peer-to-peer network-related supplied to share data in between individuals.C) The cloud is the elastic leasing of in-home computer hardware.D) The cloud is the netoccupational of servers hosted in-house by an company for its own requirements.

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What does the term elastic in the meaning of the cloud mean?A) It indicates that the computer sources leased deserve to be raised or reduced dynamically in cloud-based hosting.B) It implies that the operations staff manually allots fresh resources once the traffic rises.C) It indicates that the customers are gave a regular bandwidth on the cloud.D) It indicates that the resources easily accessible for cloud-hosting are shared among customers.
A) It indicates that the computing resources leased have the right to be boosted or decreased dynamically in cloud-based hosting.
An company that hires cloud solutions ________.A) have the right to accommodate an increase in traffic from only one cityB) is enabled to readjust its computer system hardware requirements only as soon as in an hourC) can limit the response time of its Net pagesD) is provided accessibility only to a solitary server
Which of the adhering to statements is true of Internet services?A) They are programs designed making use of the principle of service-oriented style.B) They are programs that comply with IEEE 802.3 protocol typical.C) They are programs that comply with Net organization standards and have the right to only run as an independent program.D) They are designed in such a way that they cannot be flexibly linked with other programs.
Which of the following statements is true of cloud-based hosting?A) It provides scaling up to accomplish the requirements of boosted traffic challenging.B) It involves the risk of investing in technology that may quickly end up being obsolete.C) It gives greater control over physical place of information.D) It provides little bit visibility over the defense being provided to defend information.

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Which of the following is an advantage of in-house hosting?A) It calls for exceptionally tiny capital.B) It provides greater regulate over the area of information.C) It has the capacity to adapt to flourishing or fluctuating requirements.D) It eliminates the risk of obsolescence.
Which of the adhering to components has actually added to a boost in the popularity of cloud hosting?A) demand also for services that can run without the assistance of the InternetB) breakthrough of virtualization modern technology that enables near-instantaneous production of new virtual machinesC) advancement of Net services that have the right to be accessed without meeting the service-oriented style specificationsD) rise in the price of processors, information communication, and data storage
B) breakthrough of virtualization technology that allows near-instantaneous development of brand-new digital machines
Cloud sources are pooled bereason many various establishments usage the very same physical hardware. (T/F)