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17. D. consume is .75 Marginal propensity to conserve = Change in saving/Change in disposable earnings = (325-200)/(4500-4000) = 125/500 = 0.25…View the complete answer

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Transcribed image text: 17. If Sara Thomas' disposable income boosts from $4,000 to $4,500 and her level of saving boosts from $200 to $325, it might be concluded that her marginal propensity to: A. Consume is 60 B. Consume is 80 C. Save is.30 D. Consume is.75 18. Which would certainly change the usage schedule upward? A. Consumer expectations of product surplsupplies B. Consumer expectations of falling prices C. A decrease in wealth D. An boost in wealth 19. The usage schedule would certainly be shifted upward by A. Expectations of increasing prices B. A climbing level of family members debt C. An rise in taxes D. A decrease in actual and financial assets 20. An rise in household wide range that creates a wealth impact shifts the A. Consumption schedule and also the saving schedule downward B. Consumption schedule upward and also the saving schedule downward C. Consumption schedule and the conserving schedule upward D. Consumption schedule downward and also the conserving schedule upward 21、The wealth effect will certainly result in households: A. Spfinishing more and also saving much less B. Spfinishing less and also saving even more C. Spfinishing even more and saving even more D. Spfinishing less and saving less 22. Which would transition the usage schedule downward? A. An rise in real and also financial assets B. An rise in taxes C. A falling level of family debt D. Expectations of rising prices 23. When consumers decide to boost household debt, this activity will: A. Increase the amount consumed alengthy a stable usage schedule B. Shift the consumption schedule downward C. Decrease the amount consumed along a secure consumption schedule D. Change the usage schedule upward 24. If consumers suppose prices to loss and surploffers to happen later on, then it will shift: A. Downward both the usage and also saving schedules B. The usage schedule upward and the saving schedule downward C. Upward both the usage and saving schedules D. The usage schedule downward and the conserving schedule upward