informal sanction
A spontaneuous expression of approval or disapproval provided by an individual or a team.

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social movementA long-term conscious effort to promote or proccasion social readjust.
social lagSituation in which some facets of the society readjust less swiftly, or lag behind, various other aspects of the very same society.
ideologyA device of beliefs or principles that justifies the social, moral, spiritual, political, or economic interests organized by a group or by culture.
internalizationThe process by which a norm becomes a part of an individual’s personality, therefore conditioning that individual to conform to society’s expectations.
Robin M. WilliamsA sociologist who figured out a set of 15 values that are main to the Amerihave the right to way of living.
technologyThe expertise and also devices that people use to manipulate their environment.
positive sanctionAn action that rewards a certain type of habits.
diffusionThe process of spanalysis culture traits from one culture to one more.
reformulationThe procedure of adapting obtained social traits.
negative sanctionA punishment or the hazard of punishment offered to enpressure conformity.
narcissismExtreme self-centeredness.
vested interestsA resistance to any adjust that threa10s a person’s protection or standard of living.
James M. HenslinSociologist that said that values such as education could be taken into consideration core values.
ethnocentrismThe tendency to check out one’s own culture or group as premium to others.
self-fulfillmentcommitment to the full advancement of one's personality, talents, and also potential.
sanctionsRewards or punishments provided to enpressure conformity to norms.
formal sanctionReward or punishment that is offered by some formal organization or regulatory body, such as federal government, the police, a corporation, or a college.

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social controlEnforcing of standards through either internalization or sanctions.