You know the drill: your order something from Amazon and also wait for either the doorbell to ring or for that delivery confirmation email to pop up. But let’s say you acquire that email notice, open up the front door...and uncover nopoint. Was your package stolen? Maybe! But there are various other feasible explacountries.

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Back in 2017, CBS Atlanta reported that USPS supervisors were offering mail carriers straight orders to misreexisting distribution times. A former mail carrier told CBS they had actually to follow these specific instructions:

“At 7:15, whatever you have not delivered, pull your truck over to the side of the road and also scan eextremely single one of your amazon packeras...”

Anvarious other mail carrier (that was still functioning in 2017 at the time the story was reported) told them somepoint similar:

“Basically, we need to falsify the timing, and a lot of carriers don’t want to perform that, yet we’re mandated to via a straight order.”


But why lie to Amazon customers around their packages? Because if they have actually late deliveries, they don’t meet Amazon Prime’s two-day distribution guarantee, and also that jeopardizes the USPS’s contract via Amazon. But if they say they yielded things on time that puts the onus ago on Amazon. Instead of the USPS shedding their contract, Amazon is compelled to make things ideal for its customers.


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When this story was reported in 2017, many type of Redditors shared their own stories from all over the country. I’ve likewise had actually Amazon packages not make it to me before, and I was offered a gift card. Anvarious other one of our writers had actually a comparable endure. They thought they had actually a package stolen from them because it was noted delivered but nowbelow to be discovered. When they contacted Amazon, the rep shelp they could view it hadn’t actually been delivered but was scanned as ceded anymeans, then described how that sort of thing happens all the time.

The USPS, however, has actually denied that this happens. When initially reported this story in December 2017, a public connections representative for the postal service contacted us via this statement:

“The Postal Service takes allegations such as these incredibly seriously. However before, the information easily accessible to us suggests there is no merit to the claims elevated in the post. The Postal Service is committed to upholding the greatest moral standards and intensely protecting the protection and also sanctity of the mail. Should any kind of issue arise that might compromise the high standards we organize ourselves to, employees are trained to immediately report concerns up via their chain of command. They deserve to carry out this anonymously, at any kind of level in the monitoring chain. To day, we have got no indevelopment that would certainly substantiate the claims increased in the write-up.

The Postal Service is proud to be the shipper of alternative for both senders and receivers. No various other shipper delivers as many kind of e-business packages to the residence.”

Amazon currently additionally does this point wright here they occasionally take photos of your unattfinished package after it was yielded. Yes, tbelow are privacy concerns (and you can opt-out of the organization if you’d like) however it can likewise be advantageous when trying to troubleshoot situations once a package goes missing.


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What to perform if this happens to you

Let’s begin by saying that your seemingly lacking package might not have been stolen or imcorrectly scanned by the USPS. According to Amazon’s website, in rare situations packperiods may say ceded approximately 36 hrs prior to arrival. That’s a pretty huge home window. They also administer a few other tips for locating your package:

Verify the shipping addressLook for a notification of attempted deliveryLook approximately the shipment location for your packageSee if someone else accepted the deliverySome packages take a trip via multiple carriers; check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail.

If, after doing the over and waiting 36 hrs, your Amazon order still hasn’t arrived, your best bet is to make a complaint to Amazon and hope you obtain some kind of recompense. You might obtain a remoney and/or a cost-free month of Amazon Prime, a gift card, or some form of discount—yet your mileage might vary.


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How to gain better at tracking your packages

Though, in many kind of situations, you can’t regulate just how and once the USPS delivers somepoint, you deserve to boost your tracking abilities with them and also FedEX and also UPS. Each of the 3 shipment solutions uses free approaches of even more comprehensive tracking via USPS Informed Deliexceptionally, FedEx Deliincredibly Manager and also UPS My Choice. Aobtain, this won’t magically make your packages appear as shortly as you receive that delivery confirmation email, however it will certainly offer you a lot even more information to help you number out where it is.

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That describes exactly how I was looking at the mailbox when my Amazon order was supposedly yielded and experienced no one come to the residence. It was in the mailbox the following day.