A sitcom around the bigoted Archie Bunker. He was at the same time lovable and also pathetic and, series creator Norguy Lear shelp, "the bigger-than-life epitome of something that"s in all of us, prefer it or not".

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Episode 1

Little Miss Bunker

Sun, Sep 24, 1978 30 mins

The Bunkers have actually little time to miss out on the Stivics once Stephanie, Edith"s cousin"s kid, joins their household.

Episode 2

End in Sight

Sun, Oct 1, 1978 30 mins

A spot on his liver leads Archie to think that he"s dying, so he unexpectedly transforms into a calmer, gentler human being.

Episode 3

Reunion on Hauser Street

Sun, Oct 8, 1978 30 mins

Barney is in misery bereason his wife has left him aget, and his pain is hurting Archie"s company.

Episode 4

What"ll We Do through Stephanie?

Sun, Oct 15, 1978 30 mins

Archie and Edith are divided over Stephanie"s future via them; he desires the kid out, while she has various other concepts.

Episode 5

Edith"s Final Respects

Sun, Oct 22, 1978 30 mins

Edith decides to pay final respects to her Aunt Rose, that scorned the Bunkers" marriage, and becomes the just mourner at the wake.

Episode 6

Weekend in the Country

Sun, Oct 29, 1978 30 mins

The Bunkers spfinish a weekfinish in the nation via the battling Barney and also his wife, Blanche.

Episode 7

Archie"s Other Wife

Sun, Nov 5, 1978 30 mins

After a boozy evening, Pinky ararrays for Archie to wake up via a womale in his motel bed.

Episode 8

Edith Versus the Bank

Sun, Nov 19, 1978 30 mins

Edith is refprovided crmodify as soon as she tries to buy a television set for Archie, then encounters a trouble taking out a loan.

Episode 9

The Rerotate of the Waitress

Sun, Nov 26, 1978 30 mins

Harry"s new waitress is the womale via whom Archie almost had actually an affair.

Episode 10

Bogus Bills

Sun, Dec 3, 1978 30 mins

No sooner does Archie find counterfeit bills in his register than Edith calls to tell him that she"s under arremainder for making use of phony money.

Episode 11

The Bunkers Go West

Sun, Dec 10, 1978 30 mins

As the Bunkers gear up for a visit from the Stivics, Gloria claims they can not come because Mike hurt his back. Barney: Allan Melvin. Edith: Jean Stapleton. Stephanie: Danielle Brisebois. Archie: Carroll O"Connor.

Episode 12

The golden state, Here We Are

Sun, Dec 17, 1978 30 mins

Part 1 of 2. The Bunkers travel to The golden state to visit Mike and also Gloria for the first time given that the younger couple moved West.

Episode 13

California, Here We Are

Sun, Dec 17, 1978 30 mins

Conclusion of a two-component episode in which the Bunkers visit Mike and also Gloria---just to learn they are getting a divorce.

Episode 14

A Night at the PTA

Sun, Jan 7, 1979 30 mins

Edith"s eagerness to perdevelop through Stephanie leaves her without a voice on the day of the school"s talent show.

Episode 15

A Girl Like Edith

Sun, Jan 14, 1979 30 mins

Klemmer the butcher drops in to show off his fiancée, that is convinced that he still cares for Edith.

Episode 16

The Appendectomy

Sun, Jan 21, 1979 30 mins

Stephanie is stricken with appendicitis, yet Archie is reluctant to accept the advice of a young doctor.

Episode 17

Stephanie and the Crime Wave

Sun, Jan 28, 1979 30 mins

After the Bunkers are puzzled by the disappearance of many family members items, Stephanie is accoffered of stealing at institution.

Episode 18

Barney the Gold Digger

Sun, Feb 4, 1979 30 mins

After Barney"s wife runs off aobtain, Edith and also Archie introduce him to a rich widow.

Episode 19

The Rerevolve of Archie"s Brother

Sun, Feb 11, 1979 30 mins

Archie"s great feelings for his estranged brvarious other Fred are short-lived once Fred mirrors up with a brand-new wife who"s just 18.

Episode 20

Stephanie"s Conversion

Sun, Feb 18, 1979 30 mins

After it"s learned that Stephanie was born Jewish, Archie reluctantly agrees to raise the child in her belief.

Episode 21

Edith Gets Fired

Sun, Feb 25, 1979 30 mins

The Sunshine Home fires Edith as soon as she stops working to summon help for a womale whose last research was to be permitted to die.

Episode 22

The Family Next Door

Sun, Mar 11, 1979 30 mins

Archie insists that Edith maintain the "dignity" of the neighbourhood when picking the new tenants for the Jeffersons" old house.

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Episode 23

The Rerevolve of Stephanie"s Father

Sun, Mar 25, 1979 30 mins

Stephanie"s father tells the Bunkers to pay him $1000 if they want his daughter to proceed living through them.

Episode 24

Too Good Edith

Sun, Apr 8, 1979 30 mins

Ignoring the pain of phlebitis and doctor"s orders to continue to be off her feet, Edith prepares a St. Patrick"s Day meal.