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I don't desire a lot for Christmas...I just want you for my tree...I don't care about yoooooooooooooooooou!I want lot for Christmas!There's simply one point I need! (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)Care about the presentsUnderneath this tree!I require hang my ockingWay on the fireplace! (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)Sloths make me happy!Wait for Disney!I want for my own!More you ever know!Make wish come, ooooOOOOOoooo...ALL WANT CHRISTMAS YOOOOOOOOOUU!YOOOOOOOOOUU, BAEAll ass wish for Christmas!Fucking wish for snow! (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)Don't wait for daddy!I require this show!I need Chris Hansen!Who wants the pussy? (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)Baby, eedah-wehrtu-hehrwetuh-eedah-aay!
Sigh, what you execute right!I desire, this arrive!What deserve to I ooooOOOOOoooo...Y'ALL WANT CHRISTMAS FOOOOOOD!YOOOOOOOOOUU, MATEY!Yo! Whoa! It's slimy, white, and ready!NevermiiIIIIIIIIND, you are loved! Oh, hell!Pepperoni holy!Give amethod the baby!SANTA, GRANDMA WANTS A BEER!Please, baby! If you can!What? Want a lot for Christmas!Piss off, crispy roll! (Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)I desire to eat my baby!Grandma, let go!Why? What? On my own?More goo ever know!MA-C-WIS-CO-TRUUUUUU!ALL WANT CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASIS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!(YOOOOOOOOOOUU, BABY!)
“All I Want For Christmas is You yet Eexceptionally Other Beat is Missing” marks Adam Emond and Whip’s eighth collab on beat edit videos. It is likewise Emond’s initially beat removal modify video that is Christmas-themed.

To celebrate the video’s one year anniversary and it getting to one million views, precisely a year later on, the duo would release one more Christmas-themed beat edit video via another Mariah Carey song, titled “Santa Claus is Coming to Tvery own Mariah Carey yet Eexceptionally Other Beat is Missing,” but uploaded on Whip’s channel rather.


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